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liz (again)

sorry, tuesday around 5pm.


hello! I've been living in dorchester for the past year, and not to sound super negative, but every time something involving the police happens in my neighborhood I can never find any news on it. I would really like to know what happened at Field's Corner station Monday around 5pm. Geneva Ave was blocked off and MBTA service was delayed, but there haven't been any police reports listed for that date. I live in the area and commute through fields corner every day and I find it in the interest of my own safety to know what happened. there aren't many posts on this page regarding this kind of thing, but I hope maybe someone who knows what happened will read this and fill me in.

thank you.


Hi again everybody, am glad to relive so many of our memories of the Jimmy Condon Farm!"Please keep them coming!It was finally summer when we approached the farm and sang "We're here because we're here"! and "Three cheers for the busdriver, the busdriver " on the way home. Thank you and your father. .. especially for the history on the rec hall. Please send any pics. Thank you.

Dolley Carlson

Omygoodness, I googled "Jimmy Condon's Farm" and landed here. Thank you, God.
Paula, I have some snapshots of wonderful days at your grandfather's farm in the early 1950's. My father was on the BPD and we would go to the farm alot with other law enforcement families. One of my favorite photos is of me and my father roasting hot dogs and another of my mother and aunt riding those enormous, adult sized rocking horses. Do you remember them? I would love a photo of your grandfather. I remember him being so kind to me and my younger brother - he kidded us and said there were "indians" upstairs and didn't want us to leave the farmhouse without a souvenir - he gave each of us a really nice teacup and saucer - said they'd belonged to his daughter...wish I had them now. I remember them as being pearlized and understated orange/blue. I'm 63 and these memories are from when I was 5 and 6. Oh and one more thing, anytime we drive our car on a gravel it's "Jimmy Condon's Farm" all over again. God bless his precious memory and God bless your family. What a legacy!
Dolley Carlson (writing from California)

Patrick McCrevan

Greetings from the Midwest! I grew up on Templeton Street, hung out at the Mary Hemingway Park - lots of fond memories from those times ..

BNBL, Fat City Band, St Patrick's Day, to name a few!

Bob Myatt

Charlies was a great place. Best times was after the friday night dance at the DOT house. Can still see Ann Connolly sitting across from me, hoping I would not spill my soda on her again. Wish I could remember some of the names from back then. I'd sure like to get in contact with Ann . While Fields Corner was not large in size. It was super large in heart.


The ice cream shop had to be Charlie's next to the Fields Corner Theater. It was a great place to hang out. Everyone who worked there was so friendly... maybe that's where they got the name for Friendly's! There was never any trouble b/c the employees never allowed any trouble. The ice cream was the best and I'm sure quite a few romances started there. It was definitely a place to bring your honey on the first date.


This is Kay and Kippy's son, Jim. How nice to read the wonderful memories of your grandfather and the farm. Had it not been for that place, my folks would never have met. Have not seen you in many years. Hope that you are well.

Mary, my Dad may have been the very bus driver that drove you. He and my mother volunteered lots of their time to help Jim and Helen when the kids were at the farm. My parents enjoyed Easton so much that they moved there in 1974 and are still there.

My brother and I would go there when my folks were helping out. I still remember the jukebox in the recreation hall. By the way, the rec hall was an old barracks building from Camp McKay, the POW camp that was located at Columbia Point. My Dad remembers helping to take it apart and put back together.


My grandfather, who was a Greek immigrant, lived on Park St. and owned a candy/ice cream store in Field's Corner circa 1945 (?). My understanding is that it was located next to a theatre. Please share any memories or knowledge you might have of his business.

Lynn Curry

Thank you Dave!!!

I could picture the entire Bakery, everything in it, but the name......................................

But the memory of that bread is as clear as yesterday.

Dave Moran


The bakery at he corner of Stockton and Washington Street was Betty
Jeans. Your right about the Cream Bread being the best in Boston. I can almost taste it right now.THANX FOR THE MEMORY

paula have good memory..the name of the farm was the Bernice CLaire farm and it was named after my grandfathers daughter (which would have been my aunt) but she died at the age of 12..we lived ther for a few years i think from 1959-1964...with my mother and father (who was the son of Jimmy and his name was jimmy condon too and my brother and sister...there wasnt anyone to play with so we loved it when the "city kids" (thats what my mother called you guys)would come so we could go out and are right about the was white and there is a nice picture of him hanging in the Condon School in south brother painted it..i remember doing the hokey pokey and the bunny hop too..the pond that you swam in was called Maplewood Shores....i think it is now used as a summer camp. i live on the south shore now and so many people from here use to live in south boston and went to the Farm when they were family and i kept in contact with the 2 men that drove the busees but my mother passed asway 6 years ago and i havent seen them since her funeral..i did just look them up though...they were great guys. one of them still goes to my grandfathers grave every christmas and puts a wreath on it...he died on Dec 24 1971...i am glad you have good memories from going there...its nice to look back in time....


Yes, I would love a picture of your grandfather.I could forward it to my cousin. I can place him as having white hair. He was always walking in the St. Patty's Day Parade, being a politician.The lady in the big farmhouse was always so nice to allow us in to use the bathroom. This was in the late fifties, the last time I went was when I was 13 in 62. I remember meeting a lot of new friends that time who were having such a fun time. I asked if I could hang out with them, they said sure. We did the bunny hop and the hokey pokey, of course rock and rolled. I think I remember a scavenger hunt, not too sure. Was the farmhouse yellow and did it have a name of Claire included in it, was that your grandmother?Was it a horse farm?What was the name of the lake or pond?Glad you picked up on my notes of 7/18!I just chimed in recently after googling my grammar school and saw one of my classmate's name actually two.My cousin and I were happy kids to go to the Condon Farm as we knew it, every summer. My aunt would let me wear some of her rouge when she would take out her compact with mirror after boarding the bus. I now realize she made it a tradition. I recall sitting on the bus on the way home, always singing along and learning to sing Doris Day's song, "Kaesera, sera" "Whatever will be will be....the future's not ours to see..." The school bus driver was nice and would drop me off at Ashmont Station on the way home to catch the MTA bus. After a long day it made it easier and closer to do get home than back to Southie. Thank you so very much and bless you and your family for your love and gracious hospitality.


i will check back on this website to see if anyone would like a picture of my grandfather at the farm...


hi people....i googled my grandfathers name and landed here....his name was Jimmy Condon and I lived on the farm in easton, ma where he took the busloads of kids for the cookouts..we loved it when you all come to the "country" for a ride the merry go round and ride the swings...does anyone remember the huge slide? He was a good man


Got me searching now, on line for a cream bread recipe....There is a Boston Cream Bread (square) recipe with cherries, to be cut into small pieces. Lots of variations for cream breads!All sound delicious and tempting.Need to walk around the track again tonight just from the calories via osmosis......True......Only "Charlie" never returned!

Lynn Curry

Now we're talking!!
Those memories are priceless!
What will today's generation remember? The day the Game Boy battery died? Just as I reached level 13!!
The world was so different, in the 50'-60's taking the "T" downtown, by yourself or with a like-aged friend, no one worried, would we come back! Of course we would come back! The streets of Boston were as safe as anywhere USA.
There was a bakery at the corner of Stockton St/Washington St, they baked this bread, it was called Cream Loaf, and it was round, it was by far the best bread of any bakery in Boston!!
I graduated from St Gregory HS, we had this 'dorky' Beanie, that we had to wear to go to the church.
But I would love to have one now!!


I remember from the 50's, I'm 60...... the "Old Rag Man" with his horse and wagon, yes, he did drag out the calling of"Raaags"coming down Hopkins St. The Salvation Army also bugled their arrival to Evans St. We knew all of the neighbors by name from block to block, beyond.We traveled to other neighborhoods as well. My mother lived on Ronan St. and Bellfower after moving from Salem St in the north end.My cousin lived on Bellflower St and every summer I was invited along with his neighborhood to Jimmy Condon's Farm in Easton for a cookout, swim and dancing!We wore green uniforms with white blouses at CHS, wearing a belt under the wasteband to raise the dress to knee high as soon as we got out the door The dumpster in the school yard there was called Old Mr. Boston. Fr. Mo passed, our chaplain, away only recently.If only I had saved that relic of a green felt beanie with the yellow gold letters we girls were required to wear across the street to the cathedral for services.Mr. Williams was the custodian/chaperone at dances.It is so good to reminisce and clear out the cobwebs from life's heartstrings. Days sometimes can get too busy to stop and remember and to be grateful for old friends, neighbors and former schoolmates and shopkeepers who helped to pave our way through the early formative years. They gave love and opened their doors and hearts so freely.Thank you now for the blessing of new and older but wiser acquaintances who take the time to share and listen and smile between the lines and pause, as in the song and to try to remember..."that day in September ".

Parker Nadeau

Hi nice to see all you OFD friends and neighbors bringing up old memories. They were the days. Lived at 33 Park st right near the Globe Furniture warehouse which was on Dot Ave in Fields Corner. Loved the little diner at the walkway to the Fields Corner Train Station. Lived right across the street from Ronan Park on Adams St in the brick apartment building with its old wooden back porches overlooking the Dorchester House baseball field. Then moved to the Dorchester Ave end of Leedsville St and used to watch the guy that had an upholstery business right on the corner. He ate bread all the time because he was always swallowing his upholstery tacks while he was working. The old Rag Man with a wagon and horse with a straw hat on with his ears sticking out through holes in it. He would come up Leedsville st yelling RRRAAAAAGGGS We would come out and sell him anything we had for a few pennies for the movies on Saturday afternoons. Got my drivers license at the Blue Hill Auto School on Blue Hill Ave and still have my schedule with the weekly payments I made until I finished. Be good to yourself my friends and I will be back again waking up some of those hidden memories which I love so much. Parker

Tom McLaughlin

Another walk down memory lane from another OFD person.. I grew up in St. Mark's Parish at 7 Florida Street from 51-66...played ball at King & Florida ..watched many a ball go down the sewer there...the center island was still in place on that section of Florida St...and there were gas lamps and trees!

There was the King Spa or Leon's at 1700 Dot Ave. (and King Street)...a real estate/insurance office, D & F Wallpaper, a cobbler shop, Ann Marie's Bakery ..and other stores. There was Mike's Rosemont Market at St. Mark's Road and Dot Ave... later that became a Cumberland Farms and the Rosemont moved into the next block replacing a First National Store...their house brand was "Finast."

Some family names from around King & Florida back then --- the Whippens, Doyle's, O'Brien's, McDonough's and Fitzgerald's...they were great people.

I remember Crawford Drug at St. Mark's Road & Dot Ave... the soda fountain was still it was in Ogar's at Lonsdale & Dot Ave. If I needed poster board for a geography project at St. Marks ...I could get anything I needed at Shwom's...and often did the night before the project was due. That was me.

I recall Paul Daniele's Florida Market at Florida & Mallet Streets.
In winter sledding down the hills at Hemenway Park... sometimes into the back of the old bath house or a fence or the slide or some other poor kid who fell off his sled.

When we wanted pizza it was a trip to Hi-Fi in Fields Corner...or over to Lucky Strike for a few strings. Living dangerous was pedaling down Tremlett Street or Pope's Hill Street ....we could always coast into the Elm Farm parking lot on a Sunday...because they were closed on Sundays.

The aroma from Walter Baker's would drift through from time to time and I can remember trips to Hendrie's Ice Cream in the Lower Mills...

I remember when there were huge spotlights lighting up the sky on Morrisey Blvd... Some store named "Orbit" had just opened... it later became Bradlees in between the Capitol Market and Puritan Drive-In.

The old Boston gas tank was still there...big and gray with red & white checkerboard on would go up and down depending on how full it was ... out behind the tank off the other end of Victory Road was the yacht club and an old pier where kids used to fish for flounder and assorted stuff. I once reeled in a transistor radio someone dropped into the drink.

In '66 I moved to Waldeck St...between Alpha Road & Tremlett Sts. Went to Cathedral High graduated in '69 to be a graphic artist and I eventually moved to Rockland in '75...then to Watertown and then to Eastport, Maine in '89 for job in FM broadcasting....see how well the graphic artist college course turned out.

My 15 seconds of fame came on WCVB-TV's Chronicle when Peter Mehegan came to do a story back in '99 on this easternmost corner of Maine on the New Brunswick border and the radio station I work for..WQDY-FM in Calais, ME.. "Tom it turns out is a Dorchester boy....St. Mark's Parish... son of a Boston firefighter."

All my relatives live on the South Shore ... and thanks to them I can sport a "Dot Rat" T-shirt and a Dorchester hoodie way Down East.

And every so often I run into another OFD!

Tom McLaughlin
Eastport, ME


I graduated from St. Matt's in '62,and lived on Evans St., which Stanton St. is off of. I was baptized, confirmed and married there at the church.I remember the paintings on the ceiling over the altar but would like to know more about it.As kids we used to walk to Franklin Field for the 4th of July fireworks, they gave free ice cream and red lollypops to us kids, loved swimming there in the pools. Remember the "wall"? We had to go to the Harvard Dental Clinic across the street on the bus from school!I share a lot of the same memories of many of you,the Milton Skating Rink and Oriental Theater in Mattapan Square and the Morton Theater & Chez Vous Roller Rink on Blue Hill Ave,Baker's Cocoa and Hendrie's Ice Cream also the Strand in Upham's Corner, Lucky Strike Lanes, clamming at Carson Beach, Kelly's and Castle Island, BCH dances,jelly fish in Savin Hill Beach, Malibu Beach,the Neponset Drive-In, and St. Margaret's Hospital where I was blessed with.Life goes on..oobla dee oobla da!....and we moved to Londonderry NH for until '85 where I raised my sons. Now I bring my soon to be a teenager, grand daughter to Boston every year to see the sights of the city and love it all over again. Then it's back to 'cow'Hampshire. I was sorry to miss the tall ships in Boston but plan to pick them up in Portsmouth in August.God bless you all in your travels.

Francis (Frank) Sullivan

Hi again, I am originally from Franklin Field and attended St. Matthew's Grammar School. My siblings are Paula, Timothy, Mary, Steve, Ted and Dan. We later moved to Fields Corner, where I attended St. Ambrose and later Boston Tech.

Frank Sullivan

Hi everyone,

I am OFD and want to get involved. Ask Bill Forry. He knows all about me...

Mary Stankiewicz

Dear Janice: Yes, we were schoolmates! I remember going to your house near Ballou Ave., also your older sister and mother. You lived near Sharon Cooper. In the sixth or seventh grade I was absent and because we sat near one another, our nun had you stand in for me, by taking your photo with my painting to be entered in the art fair.Thank you! Do you remember all of the nuns, their names and what they looked like? I was there K-8, went on to Cathedral High and later moved here to NH in '69.
I became a 'born again' Christian in '85 and am a member of Manchester Christian Church now.You had a great smile!

Lynn (Perry) Curry

I grew up in Peabody Square (Ashmont Station) but our neighbor was the Manager at the Dorchester Theatre at Park St/Dot Av, we all would walk there and she would let us in for Free!!
That lovely Lady, never had to hunt for a kid to run an errand for her!

We also had that wonderful smell of chocolate from Walter Baker's, even today when I smell chocolate,
Walter Baker is what I think of, also we had Mrs. Kavanaugh's English Muffin plant on Dot Av, and the smell from there was wonderful!
When I was in the Army, there was a girl there from a town, where a Paper Mill was the main source of jobs, and the most horrible smell. She planned to move to Dorchester Mass, when she got out!!