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Joseph A Fitzgerald

I have such strong memories of the Park St. Theatre.My parents loved it because they'd send the five of us to the movies and that was it for over four hours they knew we wouldn't be any trouble.No one would dare think about risking getting barred from the theatre.

Crystal Parker

The memories are so alive in my mind. I remember liggetts drug store, murrays too, Hi Fi Pizza and Taxman too. I am fortunate enough to have a picture of me and my friend Harry Page on the first day of school at the Rochambeau School. It was my first time having my picture in the newspaper :) I had the best teacher, Ms. Greenberge. I wish I had a way to contact her- what a difference she made in my life. Dorchester, 1966 to present..
Peaches Liberatore

Parker Nadeau

Some more memories for those who remember and for those who dont have them. Liggetts drug store in Fields Corner for 3 bars of candy for a dime on your way to the movies. Being let out of grammar school at the Rochambeau during school hours to stand in the playground out back and watch the Hindenburg fly over on its way to NJ where that horrible accident occured. Setting bowling pins in the alleys at Lucky Strike for 10 cents a string for a little spending money. Playing pimple ball with a broomstick at the Dorchester house with a bunch of friends. The smell of Chocolate from the Walter Bakers Chocolate Mills at the lower mills and if you were lucky to get a ride there to sit on the curb and practically taste it. My Grandfather was a blacksmith there for years. Those were the days I am sorry the young people today will not be able to look back on the memories we had when we were growin up in Dorchester without much but each other. Enjoy your memories they are real, Parker

Judy Higgins Parker

I love this new guestbook! I grew up on Bowdoin St. across from Lang and Moore's, Mooney Dry Cleaners (where I worked p/t while in high school). Our apartment was above Karmanians shoe repair shop, a kosher meat store, a fresh fish store and Daddy Peter and Mama Rose's produce store. Barry's deli and Irving's were in the same block. Used to dip my hand in a funky old glass container for a dill pickle at a candy store close to the Hamilton "theatre" which we called the Hammy hashhouse! I used to almost kill to be in the line for the BCHS record hops....the doors closed on you if you did not get there early! They were the highlight of my week...anyone remembre the closing song..."For All We Know"? Graduated from St. Pat's in 1957 and loved every minute that I was there! I never dreamt I would miss Dorchester so much..but, it is such a unique place to have grown up in and I am very lucky to call it my hometown!
Keep the memories coming, they are so enjoyable to read!


Parker Nadeau

Hi I was born on Park St in Fields corner and grew up there until I was 21 and joined the USAF. Lived all over the area growing up. Remember the free Hoodsies at Ronan Park on the 4th, worked the Fields Corner Theater and had my banana splits at Charlies next to the theater. Remember going to the Park St Theater on Saturday afternoons and listening to all the free dishes breaking on the floor because people would shift in their seats and drop them. Worked in the First National in the square. Ballentines beer kegs on Clayton St being rolled out of the trucks by big guys with rubber aprons on. Swimming at Tenean beach, oh boy I live off my memories and enjoy them all. Til next time

Peter McNamara

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Hello everyone, my name is Liane and I am new here.
I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great service to help me get adjusted. xx


Thanks for this page and site. Looks very promising and interesting to read about. Keep up the good work.

Kerry Hennebury

Been away for over 20 yrs. but still miss it every day.

Nancy (Palmer) Moser

once a dot rat always a dot rat. love dorchester and always will.


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Happy Dot Day!! I'm Engaged!!

Wm. J. Kearns

I have fond memories of my boyhood locale. As a youngster in the early 50's, I thought nothing of riding my bike from South Station area up through Andrew Square on to the intersection of Dot Ave. & Columbia Road, and maybe down Columbia Road to Carson Beach. When I got tired, rode back to home on Moseley St., which then ran into Col. Rd. (before the Expressway was built.)
My teenage years were replete with happiness and joyful moments, especially our "night of the week" -- Friday night dances at BC High (long ago discontinued)when we could try to sneakily hold our girlfriends close in the slow waltzes, hoping that the monitoring Jesuit priests wouldn't catch us with their gentle, firm reminders, "Break it up; you've got to leave room for the Holy Ghost."
...and those dreaded trips to our family dentist, Dr. Cannon -- 2nd floor at the big corner round building at Uphams Corner -- a man, like all the other dentists at the time, answered all phone calls (whether working on a patient or not), did all the bookwork, documented all details in the patients' folders before the patients
left. To this day, I still hear the grinding of his ancient drill running on its pulleys, and can see him opening the door to tell us in his firm tone, "You're next." Returning to St. Margaret's Grammar School the next day, I looked for pity from our teachers, the Sisters of Charity of Halifax, which I usually received, but always lacking in the amounts I wanted.
Our later teenage years witnessed us driving our Gramps's '59 Ford around Savin Hill, Franklin Park, Ashmont, Blue Hills, Nantasket Beach, and, of course, on Friday nights to our "Passion Pit" (as our beloved parents dubbed it) the Neponset Drive-In. We hoped they wouldn't ask us what the movie was about. We seldom knew, being too busy doing other things -- all of which would be forgiven by St. Margaret's priests at Confession Saturday afternoon. Our firm resolve in Confession to stop fogging up the windows with our limitless kissing and hugging in the back seat was soon forgotten by the next Friday night.
The aura of 'Ol Dot may have changed, but the warm memories keep us young.
Wm. J. Kearns
Floral City, FL

Harold (Harry) Goodwin

Forgot my E-Mail addy which is:

Harold (Harry) Goodwin

I am really surprised that nobody has recognized any of the folks in the pictures I posted a few months back.
The group photo was taken 1952. I was playing football/baseball/hockey at Boston Commerce High School. The school is no more but was located around the corner from Tufts and right across the street from Boston Latin. Can't remember the name of the street.
We had a local football team we called the "Uphams Corner Wolves" Had jackets the the big wolf pic on the back. Played the Red Raiders a lot. They were from the "Other side of the bridge" down Dudley Street (the one in the pic of me smoking).
Nobody seems to remember this scene: Uphams corner had a Liggetts Drug store, another had the Waldorf Cafeteria. Across Columbia Road was a Big Cemetary. The other corner looking up the hill toward the Strand had a bank...Shawmut, I think.
But the big thing about that intersection of Stoughton/Columbia Rd./Dudley St. was the big traffic stand in the middle. The meanest cop in the whole world directed traffic there every afternoon We always hoped one of the trolleys would jump the track and runover the stand(ha ha)
Then waaayyyy down Dudley Street was a little Italian Deli that made the best Spuckies anywhere.
Went to school with the Walsh family...the had a moving company.
Bet nobody remembers there was another was the Uphams Corner...on Columbia Rd. opposite the Strand. I used to get up at 4am Saturday mornings to help clean it. But it paid off...used to find a zillion bus passes we were given to ride the busses to school.
Anybody remember the the news stand at the top of Ramsey St. opposite the Waldorf? Gus was the guy who ran it. Back then it was the Uphams Corner Market. The sign said "The World's Largest". The newsstand was on the Woolworth's side of Ramsey street. Also remember Pierce's Meat market in that area.
Am I the only one left who remembers this area then?
....have a great day

Dentist Milpitas

nice site. keep it up

Emily Sweeney

Born at St. Margaret's, grew up on Dickens Street in Fields Corner, attended kindergarten at the Rochambeau School on Gibson Street, and went to St. Ambrose School from 1981-89...

I have the words "Dot Rat" tattooed across my back. (No joke.)

I still live in Dorchester, and now I work over on Morrissey Boulevard, as a reporter for The Boston Globe.

- Emily Sweeney

jim mooney

grad st anns 1953 lived in st anns parash for 25 yrs on sewell st then it changed to salina rd between popes hill and southwick st truly the best years of my life.thank god for memeores

Susan MacDonald

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Ann Ranahan Knofla

Left in 1970, lived on Chickatawbut st. Visited about a month ago walked the entire nieghborhood, Gallivan Blvd, Adams ST,Oakton St ,Glide St. MinotSt.,Neponset Ave., And of course CHICKATAWBUT St.and several others! What a blast from the past...theres is nothing like Dorchester. Going back this week-end to visit my Mom and Dad in CEdar Grove :~)


Left in 1964, but only left in physical sense. Heart still in Dorchester.

anne kynch

originally from milton ave. graduated from dot high in 74. miss the hood.

Sharon Graham

Orginally from Lyford St, off Woodrow Ave in Dorhester, Went to St. Matthew's school - kindergarten thru 8th grade. Class of 1966 - Love those Nuns!!!
Sharon Matheson Graham

Jann Davis

I lived in st. Matthew's Parish, Mascot Street, until college. The happiest years of my life were in that area, still have friends who went to school with me. Anyone out thee graduate from St. Matthew's in 1962? Jann (Janice) Davis

Joyce Lewis (McCormick)

I grew up in the port section of Dorchester (Port Rats). If anyone from this area wants to get together, please email me so we can set something up. My e-mail address is: