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Debate scene-setters

The 2009 mayoral race, for all intents and purposes, officially starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday night.

First impressions will be formed in the showdown between the four candidates for mayor, as people tune into WBZ. (Or maybe most will check out "Access Hollywood" on NBC. H.L. Mencken would be so proud.)

In any case, South End News's Ashley Rigazio sets the scene for tomorrow night.

The Phoenix's David Bernstein also weighs in, when asked whether candidate Michael Flaherty will go on the attack against Sam Yoon. (Bernstein doesn't think so.)

Conventional wisdom is that he will. But yeah, just 'cause everybody expects him (and Yoon) to doesn't it'll happen. The two camps have held the truce this long, largely avoiding contretemps or stepping on one another's announcements.