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Globe: Menino v. Flaherty for final

Mayoral campaign aides won't have to stay up late tonight, waiting to see who the Globe endorses to face off against Mayor Thomas Menino in their Sunday pages: It's Michael Flaherty.

For City Council At-Large, they endorsed on Saturday the following: incumbents Stephen Murphy and John Connolly, former U.S. Senate aide Ayanna Pressley, former Roxbury YMCA executive director Ego Ezedi, Patrick administration official Tito Jackson, ex-City Council aide Felix Arroyo, former Romney administration official Robert Fortes, and accountant Hiep Nguyen.


That was one of the strangest endorsements I ever read. They went for Menino because they have been in the tank with him for decades. And then they went with Flaherty because they think he is a mini-Menino! I guess that voters looking for something different than Menino can stop looking at Flaherty now and choose between Yoon and McCrae.