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As McCrea slams Yoon on term limits, Flaherty calls for ballot question

Responding to mayoral candidate Sam Yoon's call for term limits, fellow candidate Michael Flaherty said that should be left up to Boston voters.

Voters should file an initiative petition to establish the term limits, he adds.

"...[W]hen it comes to making any decision about term limits, we must recognize that we are talking about limiting voters’ choices about who is representing their interests at the government level," Flaherty said in a statement. "For that reason, I believe government officials have no business deciding whether we should impose term limits. If residents truly believe that the issue of imposing term limits should be debated, then [I] think it should be debated by the residents, not public officials."

As the State House News Service noted in a recent story, voters have until Aug. 5 to file initiative petition proposals for November 2010, along with 10 valid signatures, with Attorney General Martha Coakley.

The State House News Service adds: "If certified by Sept. 2, campaigners must gather 66,593 signatures and certify them with Secretary of State William Galvin by the first Wednesday in December. After that, the Legislature has until the first Wednesday in May 2010 to act on the petition or allow it to proceed to the ballot. If they allow it to proceed, organizers must gather an additional 11,099 signatures by July 2010."

Meanwhile, South End businessman and fourth mayoral candidate Kevin McCrea said on his blog that Yoon stole his idea for term limits.

"When Menino was 12 years into his career and Yoon was wearing a 'Labor for Menino' sticker on his lapel he didn't think 8 years was all that a Mayor should have," McCrea wrote. "He didn't figure this out when he at the Kennedy School of Government? He hasn't thought it was important the last 3.5 years he has been in the City Council? He hasn't introduced anything to the council for these term limits. What changed over the weekend? Did he eat some bad shellfish?"

Menino has said that term limits are unnecessary - that elections held every four years are, in essence, term limits.


It was typical Boston politics last night.
MeniNO's cronies/minions were there to stir the pot and try to intimidate Sam Yoon and the people there and it didn't work!
For the Chief of Staff to cast aspersion on Sam Yoon like that wasn't cool in fact it made MeniNO's administration and campaign for re-election look even more sad and like there are running scared!

All the more reason to vote him out of office. He can take all of the folks that were there to protect their cushy city hall jobs with him too!

The negative comments and personal attacks made by Mr. McCrea are something that people have rejected when they voted for Barack Obama for president last year. Doesn't he realize these types of comments only hurt him and not Mr. Yoon?

Flaherty knows that by implementing a petition it will take forever to get any work done. He got all the time in the world to "pretend" like he's pushing the issues this city needs to move forward. That's all he have been doing for the past 9 years as a city councilor. He pretends he pushes issues when he shows up to a meetings always 2 hours late UNPREPARED...why all sudden you change your positions after 9 years Mr. Flaherty? Is it because you are mad at Menino for not handing you the office of the mayor?

Kevin McCrea just complain and complain, does anyone in this city take him seriously? He's a joke.

Flaherty, Menino wanna be and more of the same.

Kevin Kevin Kevin stop having selective memory and accusing Sam Yoon of stealing your ideas since he has been advocating for term limits for some time now.

Taking a page (or chapter) from the Hilary Clinton Playbook.

Don't have the playa hate the game 'kay????

Kevin McCrae is like a broken record. Not every idea in the world comes from you, Kevin. All he is doing with his bomb-throwing is helping Menino - not helping us bring about change in Boston.