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Pieniazek FTW?

That's "for the win," for those in need of translation. (Not the, uh, different translations we didn't even know about.)

On Thursday, web media guru Adam Pieniazek, an Uphams Corner native, wrote up a pretty brutal take down of City Councillor At-Large Michael Flaherty's Twitter usage.

Before then, the mayoral candidate's feed was mainly a compilation of his comings and goings.

"Then, just one day later @mffboston09 began talking to us, instead of talking at us," Pieniazek wrote on Monday. "And today, we see the Twitter handle following 240 people, talking to those people, and RTing others."

God help us, there's even LOLing at horrible jokes involving Karl Marx. (Though, for the record, the Twitter feed says Pieniazek's write-up did not contribute to the surge in responsiveness.)

If this leads to campaign-generated LOLcats, it'll be on your head, Pieniazek.

Looking for other Twitter feeds? Here's Mayor Thomas Menino's, Sam Yoon's, and Kevin McCrea's.

EDIT: Link fixed.


"Perez said the snafu occurred last weekend when Flaherty linked his Facebook site to his Twitter account after a political blogger criticized his lack of Twitter activity."


Uhhh... Which is it, already?

"Got spammed?" I mean, you can follow who you want. This is all so cute.

I think they had some sort of auto-follow or used an app to catch up on all the people who were following mffboston09 but they weren't following.

Understandable, though if I was running this account I wouldn't stayed away from automating who they follow for this very reason. It does seem like they're doing things for the sake of doing them without taking the time to find out what they're doing.

What I find funny is I let them know in my article that I'd help out and never even received a basic inquiry. Oh well, mistakes are a great way to learn. Let's see if they do learn though.

Gintautas, thanks for writing this. I am glad his campaign is listening to what people have to say. Whether Adam's blog made the change or not, I'm happy a change was made.

I disagree with the comments on responding to people though. I mean, would you say that Chris Brogan or Gary Vaynerchuk have it wrong when then respond to someone? If a campaign wants to thank people for their support, then let them.

All in all, there's a change in the wind and I am interested to see what happens.

Yes, responding and showing appreciation is great, but don't make everyone see it:

"Thnks 4 the RT:@AdamPieniazek: RT@mffboston09 pls RT: #Boston We want to know what's important to you 4 our city. Tell us your concerns."

Just send me a message saying thanks for the RT. Absolutely nothing wrong with responding, but do so to the person, don't make everyone see that type of conversation. Better yet, send me an @ reply continuing the conversation, that shows appreciation and genuine desire to learn about my opinion.

To be fair, it seemed like there were more of these types of tweets last night, not sure if some got deleted (it happens, Twitter isn't the most stable platform) or if it was just me mis-reading things late at night.

a "guru" is calling teenage emoticons and tweeting 30 times in a row mastery of the medium? play michael flaherty off, keyboard cat.

Whoa, I certainly didn't claim Michael Flaherty mastered the medium, just that the campaign's use of Twitter improved greatly over the past week because they're actually communicating instead of broadcasting. That's really just the start of successful Twitter usage, not anywhere close to "mastery" (if there is such a thing).

but let's call a spade a spade. this guy flooded my home page today and i can't say that's behavior i tolerate from other posters. want to write 30 lines in a row? get a blog, not a microblog.

edit to include the bottom line:

he still just doesn't get it. and it's like the rest of his campaign. a step backward.

which gen ipod would you call this?

Sure, in agreement with you there.

The whole thanking people for RTs publicly is annoying (just say thanks via DM or an @ reply), which is mostly responsible for the flood of useless stuff. I'm OK with them making mistakes, to a certain extent, as long as they learn along the way. Curious, have you sent them a tweet or DM about this?

I'd put this more in the neighborhood of an early Zune. It's getting there, but it's still no ipod and it's certainly not an iphone.

Thanks for the write-up Gintautas!

Though the timing of their turnaround does seem like it's based off my post, I can see how it's all a huge coincidence too. The change happened 30 hours after my article was posted (at 4:00 AM), which would be a pretty impressive turnaround time and something I think the Flaherty campaign would promote.

Whichever the case, the more communication and engagement between our politicians and residents the better.

P.S. Best.Title.Ever. :-)