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WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates' schedules - ELECTION DAY

Election Day. Blissful sleep for the next two weeks has never been closer. Team Floon splits up to hit polling locations throughout the city during the day, meeting up at Venenzia in Dorchester for their election night party. Mayor Thomas Menino also visits polling locations before heading over to the Fairmont Copley Hotel, where he has held previous election night get-togethers. Full skeds below.


7:00 AM Mayor Menino and Mrs. Menino Cast Ballots
Hemenway Campus, Franklin D. Roosevelt K-8 School, 30 Millstone Road, Hyde Park

Mayor Menino and Mrs. Menino will greet early voters at their polling location, as they also cast their ballots in the City of Boston’s municipal election. Polls in Boston will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

8:00 AM Meet and Greet – Holy Name Parish Hall
Holy Name Parish Hall, 535 West Roxbury Parkway, West Roxbury

Mayor Menino will greet voters at the Holy Name Parish Hall in West Roxbury.

9:00 AM Meet and Greet - St. Nectarios Greek Church
St. Nectarios Greek Church, 39 Belgrade Avenue, Roslindale

Mayor Menino will greet voters at St. Nectarios Greek Church in Roslindale.

5:15 PM Photo Op with Campaign Volunteers and Supporters
Prince Hall, 24 Washington Street, Dorchester

Mayor Menino will thank supporters and campaign volunteers for their hard work to get out the vote on Election Day. Hundreds of the Mayor’s supporters will gather at Prince Hall to set out for door-to-door canvassing, taking the Mayor’s message to the streets.

6:15 PM Meet and Greet – Copley Square Main Branch Library
700 Boylston Street, Back Bay

Mayor Menino will greet voters at the Copley Square Library in Back Bay.

8:00 PM Election Night Event
138 St. James Avenue, Back Bay

With polling locations closing at 8 p.m., Mayor Menino will join hundreds of supporters to watch the results come in for the City of Boston’s Mayoral Election.



7:00AM until 7:30AM – Voting at the Curley Recreation Center (L St. Bath House), 1663 Columbia Road, South Boston

8:00AM until 8:30AM – Poll visit at City Hall

9:00AM until 9:30AM – Poll visit at Codman Square Library, 690 Washington St., Dorchester

10:00AM until 10:30AM - Poll visit at Morning Star Baptist Church, 1257 Blue Hill Avenue

10:30AM until 11:00AM – Poll visit at English High School, 144 McBride Street, Jamaica Plain

11:30AM until 12:00PM – Poll visit at the Tobin School, 1481 Tremont Street

7:00PM until 8:00PM – Poll visit at Cathedral High School, 1336 Washington Street, Roxbury

9:00PM until 11:30PM – Post-Election Celebration at the Venezia Waterfront Restaurant, 20 Ericsson St., Dorchester


7:00AM until 7:30AM – Poll Visit at the Manning School, 130 Louder’s Lane, Jamaica Plain

8:00AM until 8:30AM – Poll visit at City Hall

9:30AM until 10:00AM – Voting at the Lucy Stone School, 22 Regina Road, Dorchester

2:00PM until 3:00PM – Poll Visit at Boston Public Library, Copley Square

9:00PM until 11:30PM – Post-Election Celebration at the Venezia Waterfront Restaurant, 20 Ericsson St., Dorchester

Agendas are provided by the Menino and Flaherty campaigns and laboriously pasted here by Lit Drop staff. Please note that plans can change on the campaign trail at a moment’s notice, but we do our best to keep it up to date.