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The five in the Fourth Suffolk

This week's Dot Reporter includes a look at the five folks running to replace state Rep. Brian Wallace, a South Boston Democrat who opted not to run for re-election.

The Fourth Suffolk District includes several areas of Dorchester, including parts of Uphams Corner, Harbor Point and the Polish Triangle.

Political observers say it's largely become a two-man race between Mark McGonagle and Nick Collins.

Both have brought in local big guns.

And after the Reporter went to press, we confirmed that Larry Rasky, the Boston public affairs executive, is helping Collins fundraise. (Both worked on Vice President Joseph Biden's presidential campaign.)

Others note that Michael McGee shouldn't be left out: If the two front-runners split the same neighborhood vote, McGee might be able to grab the "new Southie" vote. Make of that theory what you will.

Those eager for a look at the campaign finance reports of all the candidates should settle in for a long wait: Pre-primary campaign finance reports aren't due until Sept. 7.

The Democratic primary is Sept. 14. The winner will face Republican Patrick Brennan.

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