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Globe: Interviews with three incoming state reps

The Boston Globe's Your Town for Dorchester sits down with the three incoming state representatives for the area, including Carlos Henriquez, Nick Collins and Russell Holmes.

They will be sworn into office in January.

Henriquez was asked about constituent services:

"[I]n years past, a state representative would look for earmarks for their district, to get a school fixed, or get a park remodeled. Because of budget cuts, and what's going on financially in our state and country, now it's almost a game of defense, where you're looking to protect your district. We're looking at rising health care costs, health care makes up close to 45 percent of the budget, so we're looking at how to reform health care. At the same time, we're looking to protect resources. We're looking at budget cuts to local aid, which would affect our police departments and schools. So it's really how do we work together to minimize the collateral damage."

Interviews with Holmes and Collins are here and here, respectively.