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In this week's Reporter: Yancey as loyal opposition

City Councillor Charles Yancey is nothing if not relentlessly on message. Less than 15 minutes into a 40-minute interview he mentions one of his pet issues: a new high school for Mattapan. “I do have a lot of legislation that’s pending, and with regards to the high school, we haven’t had a hearing on it,” Yancey told the Reporter this week.

Yancey has popped up in the news more and more lately, and he’s fast becoming the top critic of the Menino administration that the press goes to. As Menino spokeswoman Dot Joyce put it in this morning’s Herald, “Whatever we are for, Yancey is against. I’m not going to engage in a back and forth with him.”

In this week’s Reporter, we take a look at Yancey and how much is he the loyal opposition.