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At fundraiser with alums, Menino remembers past campaigns and alludes to future

A few hundred past and present members of the Menino administration turned out for a Thursday night fundraiser that was in part a look back, with a video featuring old campaign footage. But there was also a strong 2013 undercurrent, with talk of unfinished work and allusions to upcoming elections, according to people who attended.

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, dropped by the event, mingling with the crowd of Menino administration officials and alumni. State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz and District 1 City Councillor Sal LaMattina were also in attendance.

Mayor Thomas Menino was introduced by two longtime City Hall aides, Martha Pierce and Annette Gales, according to people who were in the Wharf Room of the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Menino, who was elected in 1993, became emotional at points, talking about people’s loyalty and support, as well as remembering two administration officials who passed away, including Ed Collins, the former chief financial officer, and Justine Liff, the former parks commissioner. Collins passed in January 2007 and Liff died in 2002.

The room fell silent as he spoke.

The fundraiser was held days before Menino’s scheduled trip to Italy for a two-week vacation with his wife.