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A Menino tweet about 2012 prompts 2013 thought

Mayor Thomas Menino's campaign committee appeared to launch a new Twitter feed on Tuesday night.

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Elizabeth Warren, its inaugural tweet said, is “the candidate who will have Boston’s back, and that’s why I have hers.”

The message echoed Menino’s comments from his recent endorsement of Warren but also raised questions about it portends for next year's mayoral race.

Peter Ubertaccio, director of the Martin Institute at Stonehill College, mused that it "seems the picture for 2013 might be bit more clear."

The mayor's Facebook page was also updated with a photo featuring Menino and Warren at the endorsement rally in Roslindale.

There is also an official Menino administration account for City Hall matters.

Past and present Menino administration officials gathered at the Boston Harbor Hotel earlier this month for a fundraiser laced with nostalgia and allusions to unfinished business. Days later, Menino set off for Italy with his wife and is due back this weekend.