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Environmental group launches online ad campaign aimed at mayoral candidates

The Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) Action Fund is launching an online ad campaign calling on the two mayoral contenders to release plans for dealing with the impact of a superstorm hitting Boston.
The ad campaign, which will link to a petition calling on both candidates to offer a plan, will show a flooded and darkened Boston.
“The effects of climate change are real and they are here now,” ELM Action Fund President George Bachrach said in a statement. “Boston narrowly dodged a bullet when Sandy hit last year, but eventually a superstorm will hit our city, flooding our hospitals, schools and the MBTA."

The organization, which is co-sponsoring a mayoral forum set for Tuesday, Oct. 22, has not endorsed a candidate. They're also planning to get involved with next year's race for governor.

The ELM Action Fund pointed to the Boston Harbor Association stating that Sandy's storm surge could have flooded more than 80 million square feet of the city if the superstorm had hit at high tide. “Both of the candidates to lead Boston have good ideas on the environment, but neither has clearly articulated a plan to protect the city from the next superstorm and to counter the effects of climate change,” Bachrach added. “A direct hit from a superstorm could have disastrous effects on Boston and voters deserve to hear a plan to keep us safe before they cast their votes in a few weeks. When it comes to preparing for a superstorm and implementing ideas to fight climate change, Boston should lead the nation.”