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Former at-large candidate decides against entering state rep race

Annissa Essaibi George, who ran for one of the four City Council At-Large slots this year, said Friday she will not be a candidate for Mayor-elect Marty Walsh’s state House seat.

“I feel I’m more suited for City Hall,” she said.

Dan Hunt, an attorney who works for the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, is currently the only candidate who has jumped into the race to replace Walsh, who steps down from his State House job on Jan. 3. The dates for the special election will be set after Walsh's resignation.

George, who lives in the Columbia/Savin Hill area and chaired Walsh’s 1997 campaign for the House seat, said she plans to spend the next two years focused on running for at-large in 2015, the next municipal election cycle. Due to her fifth place finish in November, she could also slide into one of the slots if one of the four councillors at-large decides to step down. “There’s always that chance and you never really know when it comes to the city council,” she said. “Things change pretty quickly some times. I’m hopeful that things will change.”

The City Council spent several consecutive days in the news for the first time in years after Councillor-elect Michelle Wu said she would vote for Bill Linehan as City Council president. The expected vote, which Wu has said is based on Linehan’s plan to decentralize the presidency and empower council committees, has outraged some local progressive activists who view Linehan as an out-of-step conservative.

“I don’t really have a position to take,” George said when asked about the controversy.

George said she did not know whether Wu made the right choice because George has not been privy to the conversation councillors have had over the presidency. “Honestly, I don’t know how I would have voted,” George said.