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Readville state rep. says it’ll be Mayor Consalvo…in 12 years

Angelo Scaccia, a Readville Democrat who stands athwart liquor license bills yelling “Stop,” is known for having some fun on the House floor.

Sometimes that means some singing. And on Wednesday, he appeared to be singing the praises of a fellow Boston pol at the State House ceremony to welcome the 188th state Legislature. Scaccia jokingly referred to District 5 Councillor Rob Consalvo as a “soon-to-be-mayor,” taking over when the current incumbent, Thomas Menino, leaves at the age of 82.

The State House News Service write-up, by Andy Metzger, is available below:

House Dean Rep. Angelo Scaccia, never one to pull punches when he has the limelight, very publicly tooted the horn of Boston City Councilor Robert Consalvo during the largely ceremonial inaugural House session Wednesday, describing the councilor as the “soon-to-be-mayor of Boston.” Boston Mayor Tom Menino was not present at the swearing-in ceremony for the new House, and his absence was marked by the well-wishes of House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Scaccia. Menino is recuperating from medical ailments next door to the State House at the Parkman House. It was right after recognizing “my mayor” that Scaccia made the prediction about Consalvo, introducing him as “the soon-to-be mayor of the city of Boston when Mayor Menino leaves in 12 years, Councilor Robby Consalvo.” Consalvo was not the only potential contender for the mayoralty in the chamber on Wednesday. City Council President Stephen Murphy was also in the House, and was recognized by Scaccia. If Menino stepped down, Murphy would become the interim mayor. The Boston City Council holds its first meeting of 2013 on Monday at 10 a.m. Now into his 20th term as a state representative, Scaccia is from Readville, the same general neighborhood as both Menino and Consalvo’s neighborhood of Hyde Park. The Democrat’s legislative aide is a cousin of Consalvo and has the same last name as the city councilor.

No word yet if this means that Rep. Scaccia will be unwelcome in the mayor’s SUV for future rides around Readville.