Cleaning chemical fouls library site

A Blue Hill Avenue dry cleaner may be held responsible for the release of a toxic chemical called perchloroethylene into the groundwater underneath the construction site of the new Mattapan Library. The chemical is a suspected carcinogen and worse in large quantities, but city officials said the site poses no imminent health hazard to residents and will not delay the library's construction.

It might, however, have to be cleaned up.  Read more

Fairmount improvements trigger new building in Dot, Mattapan

A new commuter rail station at Four Corners is still about three years from becoming a reality, and design for one at Talbot Avenue is due to start next week, but hazy visions of the future are becoming clearer all the time in the neighborhoods along the Fairmount Line. New developments from local Community Development Corporations (CDCs) are clustering around the future stations, giving an early window on just how much Dorchester and Mattapan will be transformed by them.  Read more

MBTA slow to think rapid on Fairmount Line

As the design for a new Four Corners station on the MBTA's Fairmount Line nears completion, and funding trickles in from the state, a gap between the community and the MBTA's intentions for the project is becoming more apparent.

The T presented the 60 percent stage of the Four Corners design last Wednesday, only to hear a short list of demands from the Greater Four Corners Action Coalition. Many of the same demands were made at previous meetings, but some have not yet had an affect on architectural drawings for the project.  Read more

In Mattapan, prescription for health center is new building

Martine Louis
Nov. 14, 2007

The Mattapan Community Health Center hopes to construct a new, three-story facility in place of its present building at 1425 Blue Hill Avenue. The organization met with neighborhood merchants last month about its plans and has embarked on an ambitious capital campaign to raise the $18-20 million needed to fund the project.

The center, founded in 1972 by local resident and nurse Edna Smith, was first located further up Blue Hill Ave. It moved into its present location in in 1980. Today, MCHC serves 7,000 patients annually, but boasts a limited 13,000 square foot space.  Read more

MBTA update: Archway will rise at Mattapan Station

An MBTA rendering shows the planned archway at the new Mattapan Square station.

Two MBTA station renovations that lost certain design features due to budget cuts are being reunited with their finishing touches. At Mattapan Station, an archway that was never built is back on the drawing board and at Shawmut, a new ceiling and column caps will complete the feel of a new space.  Read more

Shooting shakes up Mattapan side street

A 20 year-old woman was killed and three others wounded by two hooded gunman Sunday night in a brazen ambush on a leafy and normally peaceful Mattapan sidestreet. The incident has ratcheted up fears of escalating gang activity in a residential section off River Street more known for its well-kept yards and tide single-family homes than for the crackle of gunfire.  Read more

Fairmount riders weigh line's pros, cons

Brian Denitzio
Jul. 25, 2007

It's just before eight o'clock on a cool summer morning at the Morton Street stop along the Fairmount Commuter Rail Line. Just last week, in this very spot, elected and transit officials from the city and state smiled broadly and cut a ribbon to mark the official re-opening of the Morton Street stop.

But this morning there are no ceremonial scissors. No cameras. No excitement. Just commuters readying themselves to face another day at work.  Read more

Farmers Market adds options to Mattapan Square

Martine Louis
Jul. 24, 2007

Mattapan is one of Boston's most culturally diverse communities. It is also known to be one of the least healthy.  Read more

Mattapan connection sought for Greenway

Bill Forry and Patrick McGroarty
May. 29, 2007

A key, unfinished segment of the planned Neponset River Greenway system must run between the current terminus of the bike trail at Central Avenue in Milton and Mattapan Square. While a master plan for phase two of the Greenway system, released last year by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, gives a good roadmap for how to bring the trail from the Blue Hills to Mattapan Square, the riverfront connection between Central Ave. and the square remains unresolved in the plan.

The key issue, to date: Which side of the river should the trail run down?  Read more