The holding company for East Boston Savings Bank completed its acquisition of Meetinghouse Bank on Dec. 29. The merger, announced last June, was expected to yield more than $17.8 million for the shareholders of Meetinghouse at $26 per share. The deal... Read more
The frenetic pace of redevelopment is sure to populate the front pages of the Reporter in 2018. Here’s a look at some of the major stories you’re likely to read more about in the coming 52 weeks. Cranes on the near horizon Our neighborhood skyline will be... Read more
Once upon a time, Aquarius nightclub was the spot to be just across the Neponset River in Quincy. The club is long gone, but not yet forgotten by the legion of OFDers who made the trans-Neponset trek to dance, drink and trade digits. So taken with the... Read more
Mayor Martin Walsh stepped into his second mayoral term on a frigid New Year’s morning, pledging to support vulnerable Bostonians and bolster the city’s middle class through job programs, education improvements, and affordable housing initiatives. Boston... Read more
The Boston City Council voted unanimously on Monday to elect Andrea Campbell as its next president, making her the first African-American woman to hold the seat from which she will preside over the most diverse council in the body’s 108 years of operation... Read more
The holding company for East Boston Savings Bank completed its acquisition of Meetinghouse Bank on Dec. 29. The merger, announced last June, was expected to yield more than $17.8 million for the shareholders of Meetinghouse at $26 per share. The deal... Read more
Operator error was to blame for a trolley collision last week on the Mattapan High Speed Trolley line that sent 16 to the hospital with minor injuries, MBTA officials said, adding that the route will run with fewer cars until repairs are completed. The... Read more
Violence and its related traumas remain a daily reality for many Bostonians, with several dozen fatal shootings every year. On the whole, police note that the most serious crimes are on the decline, but areas like Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury... Read more
In a blog post published recently on the official Madison Square Garden website, current New York Ranger and Dorchester native Kevin Hayes relates the story of his parents’ battle to overcome cancer. The post, which came in anticipation of the Nov. 30... Read more
The city wandered its way into 2017 reeling from Donald Trump’s election and gearing up for a mayoral challenge. Days before counter-inaugural presidential protests – one packed the Strand Theatre – took place across Boston, incumbent Mayor Martin Walsh,... Read more
Here at the close of 2017, it is the most unsurprising of news hooks to note that the city is growing. But planning for that growth is still a scattershot process, even as the Walsh administration’s goal of 53,000 units of new housing by 2030 remains on... Read more
The Dorchester Winters Farmer Market has become a seasonal staple for neighbors to find affordable fresh foods in the neighborhood— and to gather with friends and neighbors. Sponsored by Codman Square Neighborhood Council and Codman Square Health Center,... Read more
Dorchester-based artist Josh Knowles says his relationship with music began while watching Sesame Street as a kid. “When I was four I saw some animated segment on Sesame Street about a kid playing a violin,” said Knowles. “He was playing ‘Twinkle,... Read more
2017 was a year of rapid transition in Dorchester— some of it anticipated and for the better—like the newest link on the Neponset Greenway— and some of it unexpected and unwelcome, like the June fire that destroyed the six-story Treadmark building in... Read more
At $3.51 per pack, the cigarette tax in Massachusetts is considered high, but a new report places the Bay State among the states spending the least to prevent kids from smoking and to help smokers stop. The report, released by anti-smoking groups,... Read more
Four residents will serve as community representatives on a panel that will oversee allocations of funding from a tax surcharge for affordable housing, historic preservation, and green space. The city council approved the four in early December, tapping... Read more
Boston Police are investigating the shooting death of a man who was found shot to death early this morning near the corner of Hilltop Street and Lenoxdale Avenue, just off of Granite Avenue. Boston Police say they were called to the scene near the Martin... Read more
Boston Public School will not be implementing controversial new start and end times for the 2018-2019 school year, Superintendent Tommy Chang announced Friday morning. The proposed times prompted outcry from school communities and elected officials alike... Read more
Pushback to proposed changes to Boston Public School start times consumed a series of well-attended meetings across the city this week, as school community members fretted about potentially excruciating social and financial disruption for some of the... Read more
Mayor Martin Walsh is slated to receive a major honor from his parents’ homeland. The Galway County Council proposed a motion earlier this week that would make Walsh an honorary “Freeman” and citizen of Galway County. "It is an incredible honor to be... Read more


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