After hiatus, Irish Heritage Festival returns on Sunday

Sean Smith, Special to the Reporter
Sep. 26, 2013

After a one-year hiatus, the Irish Heritage Festival is set to return on Columbus Day weekend to Dorchester – in a new, albeit temporary, location.  Read more

Davis leaving police commissioner post

Ed Davis will be stepping down from the helm of the Boston Police Department before the end of the year after seven years as its commissioner. The announcement came on Monday, a day before voters went to the polls to choose the top two vote-getters in the race to succeed Mayor Thomas Menino.  Read more

Newcomer Essaibi-George grabs 7th spot in at-large race

Dave Eisenstadter, Special to the Reporter
Sep. 26, 2013

Annissa Essaibi-George celebrated her preliminary win in Tuesday's election with supporters at her home. Photo courtesy Essaibi-George campaign

It was as a mother that Annissa-Essaibi George campaigned for an at-large City Councilor seat. And it was as a mother that the Dorchester resident made her victory speech.

One of her triplets, seven-year-old Charlie, made the announcement – “Annissa was in the top eight… She finished in seventh place!”

The small business owner and mother of four – 7-year-olds Charlie, Kayden, and Samir, and 8-year-old Douglas – will go on to the November election. She celebrated at her Mayhew Street home with dozens of supporters, among them a fair number well below voting age.  Read more

Jazz festival hits streets of South End on Saturday

This Saturday, jazz aficionados of all ages will pack the South End for the 13th Annual Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival (BBTJF), a free outdoor event offering national and local jazz, Latin, blues, and soul acts on three stages.  Read more

Back on Hill, Walsh pledges to "keep it positive"

Matt Murphy, State House News Service
Sep. 25, 2013

Fresh off his Boston mayoral preliminary election win, Rep. Marty Walsh began the next stage of his campaign on Wednesday, shaking hands outside the Savin Hill T stop and making calls to business leaders to seek their support, including Patriots owner Robert Kraft.  Read more

From Holland, a call for information about two Dot men who fell out of the sky in 1943

Tom Mulvoy, Reporter Staff
Sep. 25, 2013

B17: Wreckage of the B17 on which two Dorchester men were crew mates after it was shot down on July 28, 1943, near Hoornaar and Schelluinen in Holland. 	Photo courtesy Peter den TekB17: Wreckage of the B17 on which two Dorchester men were crew mates after it was shot down on July 28, 1943, near Hoornaar and Schelluinen in Holland. Photo courtesy Peter den Tek

On July 28, 1943, planes from the 407 Bomber Squadron of the Eighth Air Force, US Army Air Forces, set out from their Alconbury, England, air base on a mission to bomb aircraft factories at Kassel, Germany, where the enemy was producing Messerschmitt and Focke-Wulf fighter planes.  Read more

Analysis: His district’s voters, Southie count fueled Walsh’s first-place finish

Rep. Marty Walsh’s strong first-place finish in Tuesday’s preliminary election came as a surprise to most observers — mainly because pre-election day polls had Walsh finishing second to City Councillor John Connolly.

There’s another reason why Walsh’s election-day performance may have been underestimated: The Savin Hill native has not been personally tested at the ballot box in any meaningful way since 1997, when he prevailed in a special election to win his 13th Suffolk House seat.  Read more

#BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 25, 2013

41 days to the Nov. 5 final. State Rep. Marty Walsh and City Councillor At-Large John Connolly start a sprint to the finish on Wednesday after receiving the most votes out of a field of 12. Both have their day jobs to attend to: On Beacon Hill, the state Legislature will be in full formal session in the afternoon and likely take up a tech tax repeal bill. A new member of the Dorchester delegation will be sworn in as well: Dan Cullinane, who won the 12th Suffolk House seat in a Sept. 10 special election. Inside City Hall, the 13-member Council will meet at noon.  Read more

Pressley tops ticket in at-large prelim; Essaibi George also makes ballot

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Sep. 25, 2013

City Councillor-at-Large Ayanna Pressley once again topped the citywide council ticket on Tuesday. She is shown above outside the Cristo Rey School on Savin Hill Ave. Photo by Bill Forry

The at-large ballot in November will feature two Dorchester residents, while three fell short.  Read more

The verdict is in: Walsh vs. Connolly for mayor’s chair

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor and Mike Deehan, Reporter Staff
Sep. 24, 2013

State Rep. Marty Walsh waved to supporters at his victory celebration at Venezia restaurant in Port Norfolk. Photo by Mike Deehan

On Nov. 5, voters will pick either State Rep. Marty Walsh of Dorchester or City Councillor At-Large John Connolly, the top two vote-getters in Tuesday’s preliminary, as the next mayor of Boston.  Read more

Police seek clues in crash that killed off-duty EMT

Marcus Jerome

An off-duty Boston EMT was killed on Saturday afternoon when the motorcycle he was riding on crashed at the intersection of Washington Street and Dunbar Avenue near Codman Square. Marcus Jerome, 32, was fatally injured around 3:40 p.m. Boston Police are asking for witnesses to come forward by calling 617-343-4470.

“The entire department is mourning the fact that this talented and passionate young man’s life was cut short,” said Nick Martin, a spokesperson for the city’s Emergency Medical Services. “His fellow EMTs and paramedics responded to the call and tried to save him, which has made his passing all the more difficult for those that knew him.”  Read more

Polls open as candidates make last-minute bids for votes

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Sep. 24, 2013

Decision Day: State Rep. Marty Walsh greeted a voter outside of the Cristo Rey School on Savin Hill Ave. this morning. Photo by Bill ForryDecision Day: State Rep. Marty Walsh greeted a voter outside of the Cristo Rey School on Savin Hill Ave. this morning. Photo by Bill Forry

Dorchester state Rep. Marty Walsh planned to greet voters outside McKenna’s Café, down the street from his Tuttle Street home in Savin Hill, as polls opened at 7 a.m. across the city. About 7 miles away, District 5 Councillor Rob Consalvo was scheduled to cast his vote at the Blake Estates on Hyde Park Ave. And three miles away from there, City Councillor At-Large John Connolly was set to greet voters at about 7:30 a.m. at St. George Orthodox Church in West Roxbury.

Preliminary election: Bill Walczak, with his daughter Elizabeth, highlighted his opposition to a casino in Boston on his election day signage. The two are shown outside the Cristo Rey School where the candidate voted this morning. Photo by Bill ForryPreliminary election: Bill Walczak, with his daughter Elizabeth, highlighted his opposition to a casino in Boston on his election day signage. The two are shown outside the Cristo Rey School where the candidate voted this morning. Photo by Bill Forry

Nine other candidates have similar schedules. For the first time in 30 years, the municipal ballot will not include the name Thomas Menino. Twelve names will be there instead, along with dozens of candidates looking to snag a City Council at-large slot or a district seat. Today’s preliminary will whittle the field of mayoral candidates to two, and the number of at-large candidates to eight.

Barros on Bowdoin: Candidate John Barros greeted a voter outside of the Pasciucco Apartments on Tuesday. Photo by Bill ForryBarros on Bowdoin: Candidate John Barros greeted a voter outside of the Pasciucco Apartments on Tuesday. Photo by Bill ForryPolls in the last week have shown what appears to be the solidification of a top tier, as many political observers had predicted months ago: Connolly and Walsh, two candidates who have been running for mayor longer than the other major contenders in the field; Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley, who started with a significant cash advantage; and former Dorchester state Rep. Charlotte Golar Richie, the lone woman in the race and a former aide to Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick.

But the campaigns of the other contenders will argue they have a fair shot at the final, too, because of the high number of undecided voters that could break their way, the polls undercounting their supporters, or their below-the-radar ground game. The rest of the field includes Consalvo, former School Committee member John Barros, District 5 Councillor Michael Ross, City Councillor At-Large Felix Arroyo, and Savin Hill activist Bill Walczak. District 4 Councillor Charles Yancey is running for mayor and his council seat. TOUCH 106.1 FM’s Charles Clemons and Roxbury Republican David James Wyatt are also on the ballot.

Secretary Bill Galvin, who oversees the state’s elections department, predicted that turnout will be higher than in the 2009 preliminary, when Menino faced off against two city councillors at-large and a South End activist. That year, 82,000 voters showed up at the polls. Galvin said turnout could be around 100,000 this year, and possibly as high as 125,000, depending on the intensity of interest in the race.

Richie on the Trail: The candidate is shown with supporters Dennis and Eddie Callahan in Charlestown this morning. Photo courtesy Richie campaignRichie on the Trail: The candidate is shown with supporters Dennis and Eddie Callahan in Charlestown this morning. Photo courtesy Richie campaign
The intensity of candidates’ campaigns is another matter: Galvin expressed concern that voters will have to run a “gauntlet” of campaign supporters attempting to influence voters on their way into their polling place. Galvin said the law forbidding campaigning within 150 feet of a polling location will be enforced. The race for mayor has been largely congenial, Galvin said. “I want to make sure it has a congenial ending.”

In the South End on Sunday, City Councillor At-Large Felix G. Arroyo canvassed with state Rep. Byron Rushing, running into a corner store and a hair salon and chatting up voters inside. They came upon one home with one bumper sticker after the other pasted onto her door, from Jesse Jackson’s run for president, Mel King’s run for Congress, to Rushing’s campaigns for state representative. “Let me tell you, I’m an old lady. I’ve been voting since I’ve been allowed to,” said the bumper stickers’ owner, Beverly Adams, as Arroyo placed a sticker with his name on the door.

Seeing Arroyo with Rushing helped win her over, she said. “I remember when his dad first ran,” she said, referring to Felix D. Arroyo, who also served on the City Council. “He’s charming. He’s personable. And I think he means what he says.”  Read more

(UPDATED) #BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 24, 2013 - Prelim Election Day

Today is Election Day. The 12-person field will be winnowed to two finalists who will face off on Nov. 5. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Candidates’ schedules, and a flashback to what newspapers were saying the morning of a preliminary 20 years ago, are available below.  Read more

(UPDATED) #BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 23, 2013

1 day to the Sept. 24 preliminary. Driving the day: The expected resignation of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. The news broke on Sunday, as mayoral candidates were out canvassing, attending GOTV rallies and fundraising. The candidates, over the course of the campaign, were frequently pressed by reporters and community activists on whether they would keep him or hire a new police commissioner. Polls open in less than 24 hours.  Read more

(UPDATED) #BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 22, 2013

2 days to the Sept. 24 preliminary. Allston Brighton will be one of the places to catch candidates today, with a parade scheduled for the afternoon and the 10th annual Brian Honan 5K. State Rep. Byron Rushing, who endorsed Felix Arroyo last week, joins the mayoral candidate on the trail with a canvassing in the South End. John Connolly heads to Beacon Hill for a meet-and-greet put together by Chris Gabrieli, a supporter and former candidate for governor. State Rep. Marty Walsh will be watching the second half of the Patriots game with supporters in Charlestown.  Read more

(UPDATED) #BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 21, 2013

3 days to the Sept. 24 preliminary.  Read more

Councillors take testimony on Suffolk Downs casino proposal

Seven of the twelve candidates running for mayor stepped off the campaign trail on Friday and spent several hours inside City Hall at a hearing on the Suffolk Downs casino proposal.  Read more

(UPDATED) #BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 20, 2013

4 days to the Sept. 24 preliminary. The City Council’s economic development committee is holding a 12 p.m. hearing on the Suffolk Downs casino proposal and the plan for a Nov. 5 vote on the matter. Bill Walczak, whose opposition to a Boston casino is the centerpiece of his mayoral campaign, will testify. In a statement on Thursday, Walczak blasted the proposal as “magical thinking” and questioned the revenue figures behind the proposal. Walczak will again push the council to allow for a city-wide vote on the issue, a stance that has drawn public support in recent polls.  Read more

Chang-Diaz and Holmes back Golar Richie in mayor’s race

In a bid to swing undecided voters to her side, former state Rep. Charlotte Golar Richie rolled out the endorsement of state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, a Jamaica Plain Democrat, and Rep. Russell Holmes, a Mattapan Democrat. “I would be swayed if I knew that a Representative Holmes had made a decision, Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz had decided to support Charlotte,” Golar Richie said at a press conference outside the State House.  Read more

Poll: Boston voters want citywide casino referendum

Reporter Staff
Sep. 19, 2013

New poll results show 64 percent of likely Boston voters want a citywide referendum on whether to allow a casino at Suffolk Downs in East Boston, and voters deadlocked over allowing the city casino.  Read more

Hopefuls press on as voters weigh options

Ten of the twelve mayoral candidates are shown during a forum at the Reggie Lewis Center on Sept. 6. The candidates were answer a question about whether they knew someone who has a problem finding employment. Pictured from left are: Felix Arroyo, John Barros, Charles Clemons, Dan Conley, John Connolly, Charlotte Golar Richie, Mike Ross, Bill Walczak, Marty Walsh and Charles Yancey. Not pictured: Rob Consalvo and David Wyatt. Photo by Chris Lovett

On a hill in Jamaica Plain, behind a row of homes on Peter Parley Road that share a backyard, the mayoral hopefuls weaved their way through the crowd of voters at the Ward 11 Democratic Committee’s picnic.  Read more

Mt. Washington’s top navigator is taking his leave

Jack ForbushJack Forbush

Jack Forbush has a knack for making himself essential without ever being the center of attention.

For the last 26 years, he has been Mt. Washington Bank’s quiet, amiable ambassador of goodwill as it has made good on an impressive expansion across the city’s neighborhoods from its original base in South Boston. Wherever Mt. Washington does business in this town, you are bound to hear stories about Jack Forbush and his uncanny talent for helping people and institutions connect with the bank and its staff.

Next month, the 66-year-old banker will take his leave, embarking on a well-earned retirement journey that he and Sue, his wife of 40 years, will kick off with a trip to the Cayman Islands. Jack won’t permit a big party in his honor – and it’ll be tough to pull off a surprise on one of the city’s most wired individuals. But, before he departs, Jack is going to get a victory tour that will be the community banking equivalent of Mariano Rivera’s last loop through the American League.  Read more

(UPDATED) Reporter’s Notebook: Endorsements aplenty in mayor’s scrum, but some elect to stay on sidelines

State Rep. Byron Rushing, who represents the South End, Roxbury and parts of Back Bay, was elected to the House in 1982, well before the city started to brace itself for an open mayoral race. The assistant majority leader and a top Democrat smiles when he’s asked about which candidate will get his vote inside the voting booth, as 12 contenders make a bid for two slots in the Sept. 24 mayoral preliminary.

“Oh, that’s a secret,” Rushing said. “If I endorse somebody, you will know about it.”  Read more

Nineteen vie for 8 City Council at-Large slots

Voters won’t be going to the polls today just to pick the finalists in the race to succeed Mayor Thomas Menino. Nineteen Bostonians will be on the at-large ballot, the result of two city councillors, John Connolly and Felix Arroyo, giving up their seats to run for mayor.  Read more

Elections chief warns of fake pollster calls

Voters’ phones were ringing off the hook this weekend, as some candidates and independent outfits sought to get a reading of the race a week and a half before people go to the polls.

And at least three people reported receiving a phone call from an organization claiming to the Boston Elections Department and asking people’s opinions on a casino. Elections Commissioner Geraldine Cuddyer said Monday that the reports seemed to center around East Boston, a neighborhood which will be weighing in on whether a casino should be build at Suffolk Downs.  Read more