Endangered Species Day Hosted by Franklin Park Zoo

Sat, 05/17/2014 - 11:00am

Endangered Species Day Hosted by Franklin Park Zoo
Franklin Park Zoo
One Franklin Park Road Boston Ma 02121
Do you know Franklin Park Zoo is home to a number of endangered species including western lowland gorillas, Grevy’s zebras, pygmy hippos and others? In honor of Endangered Species Day, Franklin Park Zoo has partnered with the USFWS Northeast Region to present an engaging day designed for visitors of all ages to learn more about endangered species and ways that they can help protect these animals as well as their habitats.

Children will have the opportunity to dress up as a field biologist or wildland firefighter, see confiscated wildlife products and learn about piping plovers, an endangered bird species that can be found in Massachusetts. Throughout the day, there will also be opportunities to meet with the zookeepers and ask questions during scheduled zookeeper encounters.

This event is free with regular paid Zoo admission!