Voters on ballot questions: Yes, No, No, Yes

Colleen Quinn and Michael Norton, State House News Service
Nov. 5, 2014

Massachusetts voters agreed Tuesday to move ahead with casinos and institute a new earned sick time law, while repealing a 2013 law indexing the gas tax to inflation and rejecting a proposal to expand the bottle deposit law.  Read more

Baker edges Coakley in race for Governor

Matt Murphy, State House News Service
Nov. 5, 2014

Four years after coming up short in his quest for the top statewide office in Massachusetts, Republican Charlie Baker declared victory early Wednesday morning in his race for governor, though Democrat Martha Coakley had not yet conceded the race.  Read more

Coakley wins big in Boston, but Baker leads statewide

Martha Coakley is well on her way to a big win in the neighborhoods of Dorchester and Mattapan— and will win the city of Boston handily. But will her margin of victory in the capital city give her enough fuel to outrun a surging Charlie Baker?  Read more

Civic group changes up, green-lights Savin Hill Ave. condo plan

Lauren Dezenski, Reporter Staff
Nov. 4, 2014

A 13-unit condo complex would be next to— and over— Savin Bar and Kitchen in a plan approved last night by the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association.

The days are numbered for a longtime “hole” in the Savin Hill business district.

The Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association last night reversed course and gave its approval to a mixed-use, transit oriented development across from Savin Hill MBTA station. The three-story, 13-unit condo project — with a retail space on the ground level— has taken on citywide significance as the Walsh administration ramps up for a new spurt of housing growth. The project has prompted keen interest in Savin Hill as well: A crowd of 125 packed into the gym at the Little House last night for the debate and subsequent vote.  Read more

Voters hit polls to chooses statewide leaders, ballot questions

Mayor Walsh votes in Savin Hill, Nov. 4, 2014: Photo by Mike DeehanMayor Walsh votes in Savin Hill, Nov. 4, 2014: Photo by Mike Deehan

(Updated 4:30p.m.) — Savin Hill's 13-10 is so far leading the Dorchester turnout race in today's state election. Citywide, 87,850 people have made it to the polls as of 3 p.m., according to the City of Boston's Election Department. That represents a voter turnout of roughly 23 percent with five hours of voting time still to come. The polls are open until 8 p.m.

Turnout has also been heavy in Mattapan precincts that typically vote lopsidedly for Democratic candidates in state and federal elections. At the Chittick School, a potent double-precinct on the Hyde Park-Mattapan line in ward 18, the combined vote total at 3 p.m. was 980— a figure above pace with the rest of the city. By comparison, another key bellwether double-precinct in Dorchester— Florian Hall— had 942 voters show up in the same time frame. Florian Hall is likely to be fertile ground for Republican Charlie Baker, while Coakley is favored at the Chittick.  Read more

Coakley, Baker rally for momentum on election eve

Matt Murphy and Andy Metzger, State House News Service
Nov. 4, 2014

Martha Coakley greeted customers at the Eire Pub on the eve of the Nov. 4, 2014 election. Photo by Lauren Dezenski

The leading candidates for governor Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker spent the final hours of the campaign on Monday trying to rally their supporters and drum up enthusiasm before the polls open to decide a tight contest to succeed Gov. Deval Patrick.

After taking time off the trail in the early afternoon to attend the funeral of former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Coakley and Baker were back on the stump pitching voters and activists and asking for help to make sure their supporters vote on Tuesday.  Read more

Neighborhoods say thank you — and farewell— to Tom Menino

Lauren Dezenski and Bill Forry
Nov. 3, 2014

Mourners saluted Mayor Menino one last time as a hearse carrying his coffin drove along Geneva Avenue on Mon., Nov. 3, 2014. Photo by Lauren Dezenski

Hundreds of mourners lined the streets of Dorchester and Mattapan to salute Mayor Thomas M. Menino and his family as his funeral procession followed a route through the neighborhoods to his Hyde Park parish church this morning.

In Mattapan, the mayor's "final ride" was greeted with a "final standout" with longtime loyalists and school kids lining parts of Blue Hill Ave., many holding green and white placards that read "Thank You Mayor Menino."

At the intersection of Bowdoin Street and Geneva Avenue in Dorchester, just shy of 100 people turned out to see former Mayor Tom Menino’s so-called “Final Ride Home” from Faneuil Hall to Hyde Park.  Read more

Team Menino gathered to toast, mourn their fallen leader

Lauren Dezenski
Oct. 31, 2014

An Irish bar in the shadow of City Hall was transformed into a somber campaign rally of sorts early Thursday evening, signaling the end of an era in Boston politics.  Read more

Reporter publisher on the legacy of the late Mayor Thomas M. Menino

Oct. 30, 2014

Dorchester Reporter Head Reflects on Menino from Chris Lovett on Vimeo.

Bill Forry, editor and publisher of the Reporter, joined Chris Lovett on BNN-TV's Neighborhood Network News on Thurs., Oct. 30 to discuss the legacy of Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who died earlier in the day at age 71.

Boston's political community reacts to Tom Menino's death

Lauren Dezenski, Reporter Staff
Oct. 30, 2014

Mayor Walsh spoke about his predecessor's passing during a press event in front of City Hall on Thurs., Oct. 30, 2014. Photo by Lauren Dezenski

Boston’s political community hailed former Mayor Thomas Menino as a “man of the neighborhoods,” “political giant,” and the “greatest mayor” in Boston’s history at the news of his passing on Monday.

Menino died at 9 a.m. on Wednesday at the age of 71 surrounded by his family, according to TomMenino.org, a website run by the family. Funeral arrangements will be posted on the site later today.

In a statement, Mayor Martin Walsh called Menino a “man of the neighborhoods.”  Read more