For Governor: Martha Coakley is the better choice for our neighborhoods

Martha CoakleyMartha CoakleyMassachusetts voters have two solid choices on Tuesday's gubernatorial ballot. Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker each offer a skill set and range of experiences that would serve them — and the Commonwealth — well as our next chief executive.

But Martha Coakley is the better choice for the communities we cover. She is more likely to preserve and follow through on state projects and policies set in motion by the Patrick administration that people in Dorchester and Mattapan have long strived to secure.  Read more

WBUR poll shows only slight edge for Baker

Andy Metzger, State House News Service
Oct. 28, 2014

While two recent surveys suggested more clear leads in the gubernatorial race, a MassINC/WBUR poll released Tuesday found the race basically unchanged from last week with Republican Charlie Baker holding a 1-point lead over Democrat Martha Coakley.

Baker leads Coakley 41-40, and leads 43-42 when people leaning toward a candidate are included, advantages that are both well within the 4.4 percent margin of error. The survey of 494 likely voters was conducted Oct. 22-25, with deep dive into the opinions of voters in Boston.  Read more

Gov. Patrick: "We don't need a plan to quarantine"

Andy Metzger, State House News Service
Oct. 27, 2014

While four states have reportedly established quarantine protocols for people who have been in contact with Ebola patients in West Africa, Gov. Deval Patrick said Massachusetts will be following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols and does not have a procedure to quarantine people.

"We don't need a plan to quarantine. We're doing what the CDC has advised. I think we are well prepared," Patrick said Monday morning at an event where he announced USA Track & Field will return to Boston for next year's indoor championships.  Read more

Consalvo to join Mayor Walsh's housing team

Rob Consalvo

Former Boston City Councillor Rob Consalvo will join the Walsh administration in a key role within the city's Department of Neighborhood Development. Consalvo, who ran for mayor last year, will be appointed Deputy Director for Homeownership Programs, which oversees the Boston Home Center.

"One of the key components of the housing plan we released earlier this month was ensuring that Boston's middle class has increased access to homeownership opportunities in the City of Boston," Mayor Martin J. Walsh said in a statement announcing Consalvo's appointment. "Rob Consalvo's work with the Boston Home Center will be critical to our success. I'm so glad that Rob will be a part of this administration, doing work that matters so much to him and to the people of the City of Boston."  Read more

At rally, labor backs Coakley, condemns Globe poll

Lauren Dezenski
Oct. 25, 2014

Mayor Martin Walsh speaks to the crowd of over 200 union members at a Martha Coakley rally at IBEW Local 103 on Saturday morning. Photo by Lauren Dezenski

If Saturday morning’s rally with union leaders and Mayor Marty Walsh is any indication, the Martha Coakley campaign is using recent poll numbers to seize the opportunity to whip supporters into action.

Labor was out in force at the IBEW Local 103 hall on Freeport Street as speaker after speaker condemned the recent Boston Globe poll putting Republican Charlie Baker nine points ahead of Democrat Martha Coakley in the gubernatorial race.  Read more

Vote Yes on Question 3: Stop the Casino ‘Mess’

The advertisements for casinos are so glamorous. Sexy young people gathered around a roulette wheel dressed in ravishing clothing and oozing wealth. And the picture painted by the casino industry that wants to be in our commonwealth is of a gambling glitterati, flying in from Paris and Dubai, spending their cash to support our state’s revenue needs, rather than spending it in Connecticut and providing lots of jobs in the process. No pain, lots of gain.  Read more

In vote push, Patrick drops in on Haitian Seniors

Gov. Deval Patrick visited the Sant Belvi Adult Day Center for Haitian elders on Tuesday to deliver a stump speech on behalf of the Democratic ticket. Photo by Lauren Dezenski

The path to the corner office runs through the Haitian community for any aspiring governor, according to Gov. Deval Patrick – and he would know. “You cannot win without the Haitian community. You shouldn't even try without the Haitian community,” he says.

Patrick delivered that line and more with the help of a translator to a packed room of more than 150 Haitian seniors on Monday afternoon at the Sant Belvi Adult Day Center. The governor’s appearance at Sant Belvi was part of a whirlwind of a day stumping for his would-be successor, Attorney General Martha Coakley at senior centers across Boston.  Read more

A ‘yes’ on Question 4 will help Dorchester

About one third of Dorchester workers, and almost one million statewide, are entitled to no sick days with their jobs. But if Question 4 passes on Election Day, they can earn up to five sick days or forty hours a year to take care of themselves, their children, and/or relatives who are ill.

It is a terrible dilemma for a parent whose child is sick: If he or she stays home to take care of the child, that day’s pay is lost. It's not fair that while most employees who get a salary have sick days, most who work for hourly wages do not.  Read more

Globe’s on the move: Why not stay in Dot?

Boston Globe's property: Based in Dorchester since 1958.Boston Globe's property: Based in Dorchester since 1958.

Some day soon, the Boston Globe property on Morrissey Boulevard will be sold and its hulking, three-story Pulitzer Prize-making plant will be pulverized. That’s a given and we’re good with it.

What we don’t know – yet – is the identity of the new steward of the 16-acre preserve on the banks of Patten’s Cove. But whoever takes the deed will no doubt bring us condos and baked goods and free wi-fi. Maybe we’ll even get a nice chain restaurant, the first of its kind outside of South Bay.  Read more

Baker wants hearing to explore siting libraries in new mixed-use buildings

City Councillor Frank BakerCity Councillor Frank BakerCity Councillor Frank Baker will seek a City Council hearing to explore ways to integrate public libraries into new mixed-use buildings as the city’s building boom goes into high gear.

“I’m looking to get new libraries and put them in larger buildings,” said Baker, who filed a hearing order on Tuesday that will be discussed at tomorrow’s regularly scheduled council meeting. “It may only be workable at two or three sites, but I want to look at the opportunities now and the feasibility. It’s being done in other cities like Washington DC, San Fransisco and Dallas. We want to talk about it because we have to come up with an alternative.”  Read more