Fourth Suffolk candidates' forum in Southie

A group of neighborhood associations will be hosting a forum Monday for candidates running to replace retiring state Rep. Brian Wallace.

The 6:30 p.m. forum is scheduled for the James Condon Community School at 200 D St.  Read more

(UPDATED) Aide to Councilor Pressley mulling run for Tobin's seat

Jessica Taubner, an aide to City Councilor At-Large Ayanna Pressley, is strongly considering a run for departing City Councilor John Tobin's seat.  Read more

Library trustees' chair supports proposal to expand board, give them fundraising powers

The City Council on Wednesday unanimously passed a bill to expand the membership of the board of library trustees by four members and hand them fundraising powers.

The bill, known as a home rule petition, still needs the sign-off of the mayor, the state Legislature and the governor, was sponsored by City Councillors Michael Ross, Ayanna Pressley, and Felix Arroyo.

But it also has the support the head of the nine-member board, attorney Jeffrey Rudman.  Read more

City Council passes Menino budget by 11-2 vote

The City Council on Wednesday voted 11-2 to pass Mayor Thomas Menino’s $2.3 billion budget for fiscal year 2011. Councillors also voted unanimously to pass a home rule petition – which requires approval from the mayor, the governor and the state Legislature – to hand library trustees the power to fundraise for the cash-strapped library system.  Read more

City councillors propose expansion of BPL board, handing them fundraising power

Several city councillors this week are proposing an expansion of the Boston Public Library board of trustees and giving them the ability to fundraise for the cash-strapped system.  Read more

Chang-Diaz: Texting ban could fuel racial profiling

State House News Service
Jun. 25, 2010

Rapidly advancing legislation to encourage safer driving will likely lead to more racial profiling, according to the chief proponent of a bill calling for collection of more data on traffic stops. Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz said her data collection bill is still alive but had been temporarily overshadowed by work this week on the state budget, casino legislation and safe driving legislation, which bans texting while driving and prohibits junior operators from using any mobile device while driving.  Read more

EDITORIAL: A road forward for BPL branches

There was a breakthrough this week in the effort to save four Boston Public Library branches, including the one in Lower Mills, that were slated for closure earlier this year. The battle, however, is far from over.  Read more

Reporter’s Notebook: The politics of closing a neighborhood library

It usually goes like this: An angry mob, largely clueless and fearful of government taking away their guns and religion, faces off against an elected or appointed official who attempts to explain how government actually works.

But there was somewhat of a role reversal this week, as an angry mob that included a number of elected officials at the state and local level, clinging to four branch libraries slated for closure, attempted to explain how government works to the Boston Public Library board of trustees.  Read more

Revised city budget includes additional money for summer jobs, custodians and libraries

An additional 200 summer jobs for youth and 42 Boston Public Schools custodial jobs would be saved under the new budget Mayor Thomas Menino released on Tuesday.  Read more

Library closures delayed as lawmakers keep pressing for keeping branches permanently open

The Menino administration and Boston Public Library trustees on Monday said the proposed closure of libraries would be delayed as more public input is gathered, and finally acknowledged that if they’re given additional money they will keep them open.

But Boston’s State House delegation of elected officials, pushing to keep the libraries open permanently, blasted trustees for the decision, saying it still leads to the libraries being closed.  Read more