Tobin's 'Spotlight' poems

The following are two poems delivered by City Councillor John Tobin at the "Spotlight on the Candidates":  Read more

Flaherty and Deputy

The Herald has video. "Thank you Riverside Theatre - not," Flaherty quips before he and Yoon start to croon to the tune of "Ebony and Ivory." "Flaherty, Deputy, from Fields Corner and Southie." Check it out.

Menino's 'Spotlight on the Candidates' poem

Mayor Thomas Menino's poem, as delivered to the crowd at "Spotlight on the Candidates" at the Riverside Theatre:  Read more

Mayor, council members and hopefuls take to Hyde Park stage in talent show

Mayor Thomas Menino read a poem. City Councillor At-Large Stephen Murphy and District 5 Councillor Rob Consalvo provided a rendition of "Putting on the Ritz." And District 6 Councillor John Tobin, in a Hugh Hefner get-up, dealt some one-liners.  Read more

(UPDATED) Several Dorchesterites gather for Capuano

Several Dorchesterites - both prominent locals and electeds - are gathering together under the "Dot for Capuano" banner. Congressman Michael Capuano is one of four Democrats running to for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's vacant seat.  Read more

Herald: Flaherty cancels talent show appearance over lack of Yoon

Last time we checked, City Councillor At-Large Sam Yoon is still an elected official. But the organizers of the candidates' talent show tonight say he isn't a candidate for re-election, and therefore he cannot take the stage with fellow City Councillor At-Large Michael Flaherty, who is vying to unseat Mayor Thomas Menino. (Flaherty and Yoon, who were scheduled to make an appearance, are now pulling out, according to the Herald.) "You have to be a candidate and it’s only for the candidates, and the ones that just lost, I’m sorry, but you are not part of the show,” Jay Paget, producer of the event told the Herald. “Sam was a candidate but he isn’t now."

(UPDATED) WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates’ schedules – 10/2/09

Team Floon hits the campaign trail together today, with attendance scheduled for events in Jamaica Plain, the South End, and Back Bay. The two candidates and Mayor Thomas Menino will also attend what we understand is a talent show with municipal candidates. (UPDATE: Flaherty and Yoon pull out because Yoon would not be allowed to perform.) Earlier today, Menino swore in the new City Year Boston corps at Faneuil Hall.  Read more

At-Large ballot order

Looks like Ayanna Pressley's supporters will have to hang onto the phrase "eight is great" for a few more weeks.  Read more

Globe: City to post recovered emails online

Public records enthusiasts, rejoice? By next week we'll be able to see online the 5,018 emails that a top Menino aide deleted (and then deleted again), the Globe reports. Putting things online instead of printing it out on reams and reams of paper -- how novel (though not as impressive for the television cameras). Regardless, this is good news for those of us who did not feel like waiting in line to view the emails and instead just grabbed the 200-page inventory that was made available. Now we'll be able to see city employees' bad grammar (or is it "grammer"?) and (we hope) more embarrassing incidents in all their entertaining glory. Also, check out this Allston-Brighton Community Blog, which apparently will be posting the documents from a public records request to the Boston Redevelopment Authority. (Via Universal Hub.)

Lit Drop Linkage - The (Almost) Floon Edition

A brief round-up of links you might have missed. Feel free to send suggestions to gin.dumcius (at) gmail.com or mwdeehan (at) gmail.com.  Read more