JP Gazette: Menino says opponents are out of touch

The Jamaica Plain Gazette checks in with a 2,200-word article on Mayor Thomas Menino: Spending 90 minutes chatting in one of the city’s neighborhoods, Menino was clearly in his element. Picking up a bottle of water that had been damaged so that the cap was bent to one side, Menino joked, “It’s leaning to the left. It’s Jamaica Plain water.” But in emphasizing the importance of one-on-one contact, Menino was dismissive of concerns about government transparency raised by his opponents and most of this year’s City Council candidates—even when the secrecy issues were indisputable ones encountered by the Gazette itself. He also talks about the Harbor Islands, and how one of them could be an economic engine.

What we learned from Debate 2

We learned a couple of things at Thursday’s rollicking FOX25/Herald debate, the last televised face-off before the Sept. 22 preliminary: Michael Flaherty doesn’t know how much a ride on the MBTA costs. Mayor Thomas Menino thinks that Boston streets are based on ancient cow paths. Kevin McCrea has an expansive view of what corruption is and is all about visiting schools one day a week if he becomes mayor. And Sam Yoon is nothing if not consistently on message in arguing the mayor has too tight a grip on City Hall.  Read more

How not to use Facebook in mayoral race

For an example of how not to use Facebook in a mayoral campaign, we turn to Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Read more

Dorchester's congressmen front and center in Senate drama

Two congressmen are readying to face off over the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's seat, and Dorchester could be caught in the middle.  Read more

Lit Drop Linkage - 9/9/09

A brief round-up of (non-Kennedy seat) links you might have missed. Feel free to send suggestions to gin.dumcius (at) gmail.com or mwdeehan (at) gmail.com.  Read more

(UPDATED) Ward 16 endorses Menino and four for at-large

We're hearing Dorchester's Ward 16 Democratic Committee made some endorsements last night, including a unanimous vote for Mayor Thomas Menino's re-election effort.  Read more

(UPDATED) Menino campaign posts September spot

Mayor Thomas Menino's desk gets around. At least, that's according to a spot his re-election campaign has put on YouTube.  Read more

About that McCrea presser...

The timing of it was apparently wreaking havoc with reporters' reporting. Universal Hub's Adam Gaffin has the lowdown.  Read more

(UPDATED) Capuano to pull papers Tuesday

U.S. Congressman Michael Capuano was telling individuals at the Greater Boston Labor Council's Monday breakfast that he plans to pull nominations papers in the race to take U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy's vacant seat.  Read more

Can't we settle this like the Jets and Sharks?

It had to happen at some point: A vandal's been caught on tape allegedly defacing a campaign sign and the Herald's obtained a copy of the video. The video shows a squirrelly-looking girl attempting to throw paint at a Flaherty sign. She misses (twice!), drives off (to the nearest Home Depot?), and then appears to come back and make another go of it with more paint.