Globe: City to post recovered emails online

Public records enthusiasts, rejoice? By next week we'll be able to see online the 5,018 emails that a top Menino aide deleted (and then deleted again), the Globe reports. Putting things online instead of printing it out on reams and reams of paper -- how novel (though not as impressive for the television cameras). Regardless, this is good news for those of us who did not feel like waiting in line to view the emails and instead just grabbed the 200-page inventory that was made available. Now we'll be able to see city employees' bad grammar (or is it "grammer"?) and (we hope) more embarrassing incidents in all their entertaining glory. Also, check out this Allston-Brighton Community Blog, which apparently will be posting the documents from a public records request to the Boston Redevelopment Authority. (Via Universal Hub.)

Lit Drop Linkage - The (Almost) Floon Edition

A brief round-up of links you might have missed. Feel free to send suggestions to gin.dumcius (at) gmail.com or mwdeehan (at) gmail.com.  Read more

Turner: Bodyguards suggested by staff, meant for ride to polls

District 7 Councilor Chuck Turner said Tuesday the idea of bodyguards on the day of the preliminary election came from staffers concerned about reporters "hounding" him.  Read more

Flaherty/Yoon to run together as ticket against Menino

Depending on who you ask tonight, this is either a game changer or a massive stunt.  Read more

Liz Sullivan is such a card

The Globe puts up a PDF of some of the (at-one-point-deleted-and-then-deleted-again) emails they obtained, including suggested jokes for the St. Patrick's Day breakfast from an assistant in the mayor's office. Somebody contact Hill, Holiday and sign her up.

More fun with email

When the controversy over the deletion of City Hall emails first exploded, some brushed it aside as much ado about nothing. While it appears there's no evidence of wrongdoing in the emails, there is an apparent goldmine of hilariously embarrassing incidents, according to a Globe review. The Globe stood in line to peruse the emails so we didn't have to, finding emails that showed people getting taken to the woodshed and one aide asking another whether a city councillor should have access to records that are public.

Flaherty due in court for jury duty

Mayoral candidate and City Councillor At-Large Michael Flaherty takes a break from the campaign trail on Monday to head into court for jury duty. The former prosecutor has been summoned to Suffolk Superior Court. The last time he had jury duty several years ago, it was dismissed, he said. "I'm hopeful justice is sorted out before they need to impanel," Flaherty quipped. "I only have six weeks to get elected mayor."

UPDATE: Flaherty spokeswoman Natasha Perez tells us he didn't get impaneled.

Como se dice ‘recovered emails’?

Talk about a late Friday news dump. Mayor Thomas Menino’s office has released a list of thousands of emails. The list itself totaled 200 pages laying out emails that top Menino aide Michael Kineavy both sent and received between Sept. 2, 2008 and April 1, 2008, and then later deleted. And then deleted again from the delete folder.  Read more

Dorchester delegation signed off on interim Senate appointment

Despite some initial reluctance among some members, the Dorchester delegation overwhelmingly voted this week to hand Gov. Deval Patrick the power to appoint an interim U.S. senator.  Read more

Flaherty to add Yoon to 'ticket' as deputy

Gintautas Dumcius and Mike Deehan, Reporter Staff
Sep. 23, 2009

Michael Flaherty talked about the campaign after the results were in.Michael Flaherty talked about the campaign after the results were in.

Updated on Sept. 28: Mayoral hopeful Michael Flaherty told supporters tonight that third-place finisher Sam Yoon will not only endorse his campaign tomorrow, but will join Flaherty on the campaign trail in a bid to become his "deputy mayor." The two plan to explain the development at a 10:30 a.m. press conference outside Boston City Hall. Read more at the Lit Drop.  Read more