BIR profiles Flaherty

We here at the Lit Drop would be remiss if we didn’t mention the recent profile that the Dorchester Reporter’s sister paper, the Boston Irish Reporter, has on Michael Flaherty, City Councillor At-Large and a candidate for mayor.  Read more

Patrick: Bay State Banner closure "devastating"

Gov. Deval Patrick said Tuesday he was “devastated” by news of the closure of a local African-American newspaper.  Read more

Fancy-stuff shopping with Mayor Menino

Well, not actual shopping per se, but the Mayor will be hosting a guided tour of the retail opportunities in Back Bay and Fenway today for members of the International Council of Shopping Centers.  Read more

Mo' money, mo'... likelihood of surviving 9/22, I guess.

The Boston Phoenix’s David Bernstein crunches the numbers (Thanks, David) and gives us a look at how the fund raising side of the city council at large race is shaping up. Some surprising sums are included, especially among the more conservative/Republican/Libertarian candidates that don’t seem to be able to make headway in the conservative donor scene.

Banker & Tradesman: Menino shutting down development until after election

Mayor Thomas Menino has hit “electoral gold” by laying down a moratorium on significant development decisions, a Banker and Tradesman columnist and former Boston Herald reporter writes.  Read more

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates' weekend schedules – 7/3/09-7/5/09

Wondering where you can meet your favorite mayoral candidate? Want to high-five Sam Yoon? Collect Flaherty campaign handouts? Agendas are provided by the Menino, Flaherty, Yoon and McCrea campaigns and laboriously pasted here by Lit Drop staff. Please note that plans can change on the campaign trail at a moment’s notice, but we do our best to keep it up to date:  Read more

Not an endorsement

But Gov. Deval Patrick, emerging from a Tuesday night forum with the Caribbean community, certainly had some warm words for City Councillor At-Large Sam Yoon, one of the three candidates challenging Mayor Thomas Menino.

"I think it's great," Patrick told the Reporter when asked about Yoon's candidacy. "I think -- I love the fact that he's jumped in."  Read more

AP: Judge queries feds' photo releases in Wilkerson, Turner cases

A win of sorts for former Sen. Dianne Wilkerson and District 7 Councillor Chuck Turner?

AP's Glen Johnson is reporting a federal judge has asked prosecutors to provide affidavits on exactly why photographs of the two allegedly accepting bribes were released:  Read more

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates' schedules 7-2

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidate’s schedules – 7/2/09  Read more

UPDATED: Turner back in court and, apparently, in the thick of a Republican conspiracy

UPDATED, with stuff from AP story below...

District 7 Councillor Chuck Turner is due back in court today, as his attorneys try to lift the gag order imposed by the U.S. Attorney’s office and approved by a judge.

Federal prosecutors have charged Turner with accepting a $1,000 bribe, in a case tied to former Sen. Dianne Wilkerson, who is charged with taking $23,000 in bribes.  Read more