Firefighters give Flaherty the official nod

City Councillor Michael Flaherty has picked up the official endorsement of the city's firefighters union, Local 718. The campaign made the announcement on Friday afternoon, a day after Flaherty rolled out four other union endorsements. A public endorsement event will be held on May 9th at Firefighters Family Day in Neponset's Pope John Paul II Park.  Read more

'Austerity' hallmark of mayor's budget

When Mayor Thomas Menino unwrapped last year’s city budget, he touted its stability and a host of reconstruction projects.

This year, not so much. If anything, this year’s city budget is highly unstable as state revenues continue to plunge and policymakers have yet to see a bottom. The state’s House of Representatives was set to unveil this week a fiscal 2010 budget even more austere than the governor’s version, with deeper cuts in services and none of the tax increases both Governor Deval Patrick and Menino have pushed for.  Read more

Mayoral sign war flares in Fields Corner

Battleground: Fields Corner: Photo by Pete StidmanBattleground: Fields Corner: Photo by Pete StidmanJust because Mayor Thomas Menino isn’t officially running for reelection yet doesn’t mean his competitor’s signs are safe. The first skirmish in this election’s “sign wars” has already taken place in Fields Corner.

Starting on Tuesday, April 7, according to business owners, the mayor’s Vietnamese Liaison Diep “Diane” Hyunh and possibly others have gone up and down Dorchester Avenue plastering “For Mayor Menino” signs in the windows of Vietnamese-owned shops. The efforts were likely triggered by Yoon’s first fleet of signs in Fields Corner, which were deployed the Saturday before. It would be a normal sign of election season, save for the fact that Menino has yet to announce his candidacy.  Read more

Rep. Walsh joins St. Fleur in tour of Haiti

Reps visit Haiti: Rep. Marie St. Fleur, third from left, led a delegation on a visit to Haiti last. Among those who went was her Dorchester colleague, Rep. Marty Walsh, second from right. The group is pictured atop the Citadel fortress in northern Haiti.Reps visit Haiti: Rep. Marie St. Fleur, third from left, led a delegation on a visit to Haiti last. Among those who went was her Dorchester colleague, Rep. Marty Walsh, second from right. The group is pictured atop the Citadel fortress in northern Haiti.Children running around naked and washing themselves in puddles in dirt roads, outside homes made of aluminum siding and cinderblocks. Those were some of the images that remain stuck in state Rep. Marty Walsh's mind after his five-day trip to Haiti last month.  Read more

Hanlon gets mostly favorable review in bid for Appeals court

Dorchester District Court Judge Sydney Hanlon appears on her way to have the necessary votes for confirmation to the state Appeals Court.

Several members of the Governor’s Council, which screens the governor’s judicial nominees, expressed support last Wednesday for her nomination. Advocates for fathers’ rights accused Hanlon of abusing her power as a judge and unfairly dealing with domestic violence cases.  Read more

Wilkerson, Turner face more corruption charges

State House News Service
Apr. 7, 2009

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday announced more charges against former Boston state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson. A federal grand jury sitting in Boston returned 23 new charges, all comprised of theft of honest services mail and wire fraud, U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan's office said.  Read more

Governor hits Blue Hill Ave. to "listen"

Gov. Deval Patrick visits Brother'sGov. Deval Patrick visits Brother'sGovernor Deval Patrick spent Tuesday morning along Blue Hill Avenue, criss-crossing Dorchester and Mattapan as part of an informal "listening" tour.  Read more

Hearing to focus on temporary shut-down at Murphy Center

City Councillor Maureen Feeney has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday evening (April 7) to scrutinize a plan that would temporarily close the Murphy Community Center for renovations this summer.  Read more

Dot merchants get mayoral run-through on budget woes

Just days before he submits his budget to the City Council, Mayor Thomas Menino gave some insights into his priorities and challenges in his annual address to the Dorchester Board of Trade on Tuesday afternoon.

Menino — who is widely expected to run for re-election this fall — said he foresees a $78 million cut in local aid, money that comes from the state and goes to city coffers for local programs, in the fiscal 2010 budget, on top of a $23 million cut this year.

Menino said he hopes to extract additional revenues from the city’s own contractors.  Read more

Menino: Preschool programs will go on at Murphy, other sites

Mayor Thomas Menino reiterated a promise by his staff that preschool programs would continue at the Murphy Community Center and eight other community centers this week, saying there were state slots available for the children if funding for the teachers, who will not be paid by the city in next year’s budget, cannot be found elsewhere.  Read more