Second thoughts from the foxhole

You know who your friends are when they pass your foxhole test. Your foxhole is the place where you engage in the battles of life and these people are right beside you holding the flank, never leaving. Even though in moments of madness you may have given them reasons to retreat, they hold steady and true.

It's painful when you unknowingly allow impostors in that sacred place. More painful still watching them retreat.  Read more

Chang-Diaz to renew challenge to Wilkerson in Second Suffolk

The main players in the wildest election of 2006, both running sticker campaigns and coming within 692 votes of each other, are back. Sonia Chang-Diaz announced last week she would again take on incumbent Senator Dianne Wilkerson for the second Suffolk seat. Local filmmaker Robert Patton-Spruill, who directed "Squeeze," a 1997 movie about youth gangs in Fields Corner, may also be in the mix.  Read more

Firefighters deserve better from Menino administration

When bargaining began between the city of Boston and its firefighters over a year and a half ago, the union made it very clear that the Boston Fire Department is in desperate need of change, and that the union was committed to working with the administration on changes that would improve the delivery of emergency services in our city.  Read more

Asking the Right Questions

Many years ago I came across a fledgling non-profit group called "The Right Question Project."

Their goal was to help low-income parents secure a better education for their children. They decided the starting point was helping the parents to do one singular thing: formulate the right questions.  Read more

New housing chief Friedman first ever from a CDC

In a move that may mark one of the final milestones in the shift away from the days of Urban Renewal and government-controlled housing development, Mayor Thomas Menino tapped Evelyn Friedman, director of Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation to be his Chief of Housing and director of the Department of Neighborhood Development. She will be the first from a community development corporation to lead the department.  Read more

Keeping up with the pols and their spending habits

One local lawmaker returned money to an Indian tribe after their leader disgraced himself. A senator spent $85 on make-up for the St. Patrick's Day breakfast in South Boston. And the rest of Dorchester's State House delegation showered their campaign funds on local charities and flower shops.

Campaign finance reports, available at the Office of Campaign and Political Finance's website, are a goldmine for political junkies and politicians eager to see where their colleagues and potential opponents stand. They can also be a source of some headaches.  Read more

Nothing wrong with listening to firefighters' case

The Boston City Council came under some boisterous criticism last week when Council President Maureen Feeney arranged for Boston firefighters to meet with members in an open session in the City Council chambers.

Currently, the firefighters union is engaged in bitter negotiations with the city administration over a new contract. Last week's public meeting, coming just as the negotiators were about to enter arbitration, was seen in some quarters as a tacit endorsement by the council of the union's position.  Read more

Aide to six governors, Terry Dolan says farewell to Corner Office

Terry Dolan, who retired from her job in the governor's office last week, was the guest of honor at a State House party on Feb. 1. Governor Deval Patrick was on hand to congratulate Dolan. Photo courtesy Gov. Patrick's office.

After serving six governors, filing away countless important documents, and attending softball games to cheer on the executive branch's team in the rain and on her birthday, Theresa "Terry" Dolan is leaving the Corner Office.  Read more

Obama wins big across Dorchester Clinton strong in Neponset, Savin Hill; wins Ward 16

Sen. Hillary Clinton beat out her opponent by almost 15 percentage points in a high turnout Massachusetts primary Tuesday, but four of Dorchester's five main wards voted for Sen. Barack Obama as did the city of Boston as a whole.
Click here for a PDF of the precinct-by-precinct results.  Read more

Obama vs. Clinton : Two views on the choice

Clinton: Ready to lead on day one

By Maureen E. Feeney  Read more