An ignorant vote by three councillors

Last week’s vote by the Boston City Council revealed a disturbing lack of judgment on the part of three city councillors who voted “present” rather than support a resolution supporting the 60th anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education. The landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision offered a new interpretation of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause, paving the way for long-denied justice to black Americans and minority groups across the board. Most notably, it ruled that the separate and unequal treatment of any Americans in public schools was unconstitutional.  Read more

Lottery sale price is $283.3k for rehabbed, city-seized home

This home at 88 Milton Street, center in green, is being renovated and prepared for a sale through lottery next month. Photo by Ed Forry

A longtime eyesore on an otherwise desirable Cedar Grove side street is getting a complete makeover this month and will soon be sold to a first-time homeowner. The small, single-family home at 88 Milton St. is part of an initiative by the Walsh administration to target prominent eyesores that can be reclaimed by new owners.  Read more

Walsh reviewing options after casino 'host' designation shot down

Matt Murphy, State House News Service
May. 10, 2014

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh met with city attorneys Friday to discuss next steps after the state gambling commission denied “host community” status to the city of Boston, which abuts potential casino sites in Revere and Everett.  Read more

Guv candidate claims MassGOP tried to bribe him to move aside

Matt Murphy, State House News Service
May. 8, 2014

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Mark Fisher escalated his dispute with the Republican Party on Thursday, accusing unnamed party officials of attempting to bribe him in December with $1 million to drop out of the governor’s race long before the party’s nominating convention in March.  Read more

Rep.-elect Carvalho will be sworn in on May 14

Andy Metzger, State House News Service
May. 8, 2014

Arriving with less than three months remaining for formal sessions, the most junior member of the 2013-2014 class of the House of Representatives, Evandro Carvalho is set to be sworn-in May 14 at 12:30 p.m., Gov. Deval Patrick said Wednesday.  Read more

$3 million facelift is on tap for Uphams Corner

Dave Eisenstadter, Special to the Reporter
May. 1, 2014

Mayor Martin Walsh spoke at a press conference at the Strand Theatre on Monday. Photo by Don Harney/Mayor's Office

Uphams Corner will be the site of more than $3 million in roadway improvements in the coming months. Mayor Martin Walsh spoke to reporters and community members Monday morning under the marquee of the Strand Theater on Columbia Road.  Read more

Light turnout for Carvalho win as Henriquez awaits his release

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Apr. 30, 2014

Rep.-elect Evandro CarvalhoRep.-elect Evandro CarvalhoThe day before former state Rep. Carlos Henriquez was expected to be released from jail, voters in his former House district picked his successor, Evandro Carvalho, an attorney born in Cape Verde who won Tuesday’s special election with 739 votes, according to unofficial election results. There were 71 write-in ballots.

In the primary election on April 1, Carvalho gained nearly 50 percent of the vote in running against four other Democrats. No Republicans emerged to challenge him in the final election, and he will likely be sworn in later this month.  Read more

Patrick’s man Walsh eases into Lower Mills

John Walsh : standing in front of his new Lower Mills digs.	Photo by Gintautas DumciusJohn Walsh : standing in front of his new Lower Mills digs. Photo by Gintautas Dumcius

Dorchester Democrats have a new member of their party in their midst: The former chairman of the state party. John Walsh, the man who helped Deval Patrick win the gubernatorial race in 2006 and become the first Democratic governor in Massachusetts in 16 years, has moved into Lower Mills with his wife Donna.  Read more

Radio station founder makes case for TOUCH 106.1FM

Apr. 18, 2014

Owner of Low-Power FM Station Vows to Fight Shut-Down from Chris Lovett on Vimeo.

Chris Lovett of BNN-TV's Neighborhood Network News interviews Charles Clemons, co-founder of TOUCH 106.1FM, a Grove Hall-based low-powered radio station that was shuttered on Thursday by federal officials because it operates without a license.

Gov. Patrick: "Disappointed" by shut-down of TOUCH 106.1FM

Matt Murphy, State House News Service
Apr. 18, 2014

Gov. Deval Patrick was “incredibly disappointed” by the raid conducted by U.S. Marshalls to shut down the unlicensed, underground Dorchester radio station Touch 106.1 FM, an outlet for black community voices in Boston. Patrick said his office tried to dissuade the U.S. Attorney’s office from taking the action it did to close the station.  Read more