Council weighs Turner's fate

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Nov. 4, 2010

Chuck Turner Rally, Oct. 30, 2010. Photo by Don WestChuck Turner Rally, Oct. 30, 2010.  Read more

Shades of '72 in national GOP tide

In 1972, a conservative tide was sweeping the country and the Republicans were in power. The Republican who was re-elected that year as vice president —one Spiro T. Agnew— would later be charged with accepting bribes when he was governor of Maryland.

During his fifth year in office, in the late summer of 1973, Agnew was allowed to plead no contest to a single charge that he had failed to report $29,500 of income received in 1967, with the condition that he resign the vice presidency.  Read more

Potential lineup for Turner seat includes his own choice, Patrick aide Tito Jackson

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Nov. 4, 2010

Tito JacksonTito JacksonWithin hours of the announcement of the verdict, the city’s chattering class was already abuzz with who might be a candidate to replace City Councillor Chuck Turner, now a convicted felon, in District 7.

Tito Jackson, the popular political director for Gov. Deval Patrick, is topping the informal list of candidates put together by political insiders, as well as Turner.

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SPECIAL REPORT: At ‘sober homes,’ issues of safety inside, safeguards outside

Pat Tarantino and Stephen Kurkjian, Special to the Reporter
Nov. 4, 2010

Second of two parts.
Three years ago, a series of newspaper articles raised serious questions of safety and supervision in the operation of so-called “sober homes” throughout the city of Boston, prompting city and state political leaders to call for desperately needed reforms to assure that recovering substance abusers who lived in these homes had a chance for recovery.

The articles in the Boston Herald and the Bay State Banner found poor living conditions in many sober homes, including the fact that two men had fatally overdosed in one Roxbury sober-living complex, spurring local and state officials and leaders in the fight against substance abuse to call for controls on the homes to make certain that residents received the help they needed to stay clean while ensuring the homes did not pose a safety threat to neighbors.

“We don’t fund them, but we need to have oversight over them,” Senator Steven A. Tolman (D-Brighton) said in a 2007 interview with the Herald. “The neighborhoods have to have recourse if they are run inappropriately.’’

Three years later, little has changed. None of the proposed rules and standards meant to ensure safe living conditions inside the homes have been enacted, nor have any safeguards been put in place for neighbors concerned about the operation of these homes. In fact, an investigation by the Dorchester Reporter has found, no one inside Boston City Hall or the State House can state with accuracy how many sober homes exist in the city or how many people live in them.  Read more

Precinct-by-precinct numbers from the Nov. 2, 2010 election

Reporter Staff
Nov. 4, 2010

The following election returns for the gubernatorial election on Nov. 2, 2010 are unofficial numbers from the City of Boston Election Department:
Nov. 2 election returns-part 1Nov. 2 election returns-part 1
Nov.2 election returns part 2Nov.2 election returns part 2
Nov. 2 election returns part 3Nov. 2 election returns part 3

Voter consensus: 'Thank God it's over'

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Nov. 4, 2010

Streaming out of the Adams Corner branch library on a crisp Tuesday afternoon, Democratic and Republican voters could agree on one thing: They would be glad when the day was over.
“I just feel like I’ve been inundated with negativity,” said Julie Ingalls, who voted for the Democratic incumbent, Gov. Deval Patrick.  Read more

Analysis: Grassroot Dems pulled out all the stops for Deval

Door-knocking for Deval Patrick : Volunteers hit the streets in pairs to drive out votes in Ward 16Door-knocking for Deval Patrick : Volunteers hit the streets in pairs to drive out votes in Ward 16Gov. Deval Patrick won a whopping 80 percent of the vote in Dorchester — and 95 percent of the vote in Mattapan— on Tuesday, as predominantly African-American precincts in Wards 14, 17, and 18 chalked up lopsided vote totals that helped cushion the governor’s surprising statewide margin and earn him a second-term in the corner office.

In topping the ticket in every precinct in Dorchester and Mattapan, the governor’s triumph was more convincing than his historic 2006 election, at least in this part of Boston.

MORE: Voter consensus: "Thank God it's over"

Chris Lovett on CivicBoston: More Voters, Lower Turnout

Precinct-by-precinct breakdown of the numbers in Dot, Mattapan  Read more

Patrick's to-do list: Job growth, education, budget, health costs

By Kyle Cheney and Michael Norton, State House News Service
Nov. 3, 2010

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, NOV. 3, 2010…..Coming of a decisive victory in a campaign in which he offered few substantive policy proposals, Gov. Deval Patrick identified job creation, access to quality education for all Massachusetts children and lower health costs as the centerpieces of a second-term agenda he described as “ambitious.”

Speaking with reporters in his State House office, a jubilant Patrick said he plans to pursue an increase in the state retirement age, fold the state’s scandal-plagued Probation Department into the Executive Branch and seek to invest additional state pension funds in the Massachusetts economy.

Patrick said voters’ decision to repeal the alcohol tax but to maintain the state sales tax at 6.25 percent required no interpretation.  Read more

Henriquez wins state rep race; Lawton concedes

Reporter Staff
Nov. 2, 2010

Former City Hall aide Carlos Henriquez Tuesday night won the Fifth Suffolk seat held by Marie St. Fleur.

Barry Lawton, who came in 41 votes behind Henriquez in September's Democratic primary and waged a write-in campaign in the general election, conceded shortly after the polls closed. Lawton, an East Boston High School teacher, appeared at Henriquez's victory part at Restaurante Cesaria.

With 12 out of 19 precincts reporting, Henriquez was leading Lawton, winning 87.5 percent of the vote.

Roy Owens, a perennial candidate, was also waging a write-in campaign.  Read more

Patrick country: Governor rolls to victory in neighborhoods

Reporter Staff
Nov. 2, 2010

LATEST STORY: Grassroot Dems pulled out all the stops for Deval

Incumbent Governor Deval Patrick and his running mate Timothy Murray — who have won re-election according to multiple news sources tonight— are well on their way to a decisive victory tonight in Dorchester and Mattapan, according to unofficial results coming into the Reporter newsroom.

So far, Patrick has bested his chief rival Charlie Baker in the bellwether precincts of Florian Hall in Neponset by a margin of 817-490 (combined for the two precincts there, 16-12 and 16-11.)

Patrick has won a landslide victory at the twin precincts of Lower Mills Library: Patrick 1,007— Baker 204— Cahill 75.

The governor ran up impressive margins over his rivals at the Woodrow Wilson School (17-14), which was one of the neighborhood's top performing turnout spots today. Patrick ran up the score there: 762-91 over Baker.

JUST IN: Carlos Henriquez wins election to Fifth Suffolk House seat  Read more