Dot Chiefs skate to national title

National champs: Dorchester Chiefs celebrate their 2010 USA Hockey Tier II Under-18 championshipNational champs: Dorchester Chiefs celebrate their 2010 USA Hockey Tier II Under-18 championship. Top row: Coaches Scott Perry, Charlie Pero and Ross Pasquantonio. Players, left to right: Timmy Wilson, Brendan Fitzgerald, Nick Bligh, Joe Dipietro, Eric Lively, Matt Furey, Sal Tecci, Mike Sullivan, Jared Wiedemann, Pat Curtis, John Magliozzi, Barret O’Neil, Mike Lopez and Dave Cotter.

Bruins fans, sadly, have to wait another year. But, Dorchester can once again claim bragging rights as the nation’s hockey champs, thanks to a gritty crew of teens who have once again put Dot on the national sports map.  Read more

NHL’s ‘classic’ was neat and all, but let’s be real about its value

Everything about “the hockey classic” down at the lyric little bandbox the other day was elegant and sweet except the curious notion that it took a gimmick concocted by a bevy of grasping Manhattan advertising hucksters conspiring with infamous network television hustlers to revive an affection for the game of hockey in the alleged Hub of Hockey.  Read more

Of baseball's shameful surrender to television dictators

With another baseball season fading away with vast reluctance as Thanksgiving looms on the horizon, we have some bits and pieces and slices of this and that to share, footnotes on a long, long season lately threatening to become  eternal.

So what to do about stretching the summer game’s season to the edge of winter? The answer is, probably, nothing. As is the case with all problems in our times, be they social, political, cultural, or spiritual, it will get worse before it gets better.  It’s all about the money, you see, and nothing muddles an issue more surely.  Read more

Hot stove will burn high at Fenway this winter

Long widely and casually assumed, the concept of the Yankees’ hegemony and its sheer inevitability has been ravaged since the memorable autumn of ’04. So when the Bronx bullies ran roughshod over the Fenway pets the last couple of months it was easy for “the Nation” – its collective mind gripped by group-think, like that of any other cult – to laugh it off. Wrong!  Read more

Obama vs. the IOC’s Hapsburgs: Our guy had no chance

Rarely – maybe never – have the old world geo-politics crafted so brilliantly at the Congress of Vienna played a bigger role in a sporting issue than in the 2016 Olympic Games fiasco which, in the end, played the president of the United States, no less, for a sucker.  Read more

Don’t delude yourself; check the facts: These Yankees are the real McCoy

Much as beauty is in the eye of the beholder so apparently is the value of finishing baseball’s interminably arduous regular season with the most wins, thereby ending atop your division in what was -- once upon a time -- loftily proclaimed the bloody pennant race. Nowadays it’s lightly regarded as an amusing trifle and perhaps a bit of a bore.

For it is all about October. Only October counts. All the rest, stretching over six months of relentless give and take, is so much “pre-season.”  Read more

Much to ponder: The Kessell deal, NFL triage, and Ichiro

Several things to thrash over while waiting for Boss Belichick to admit he may have over-reached when he opted for a radical, instant, make-over of his veteran Patriot team when a more subtle transition might have been both more efficient and politic.

Not that we’ll hold our breath, mind you. But was cashiering Richard Seymour after chasing away a core cadre of old pros over the off-season really necessary? Or did the mighty Boss, in a burst of beguiling hubris, simply out-smart himself. It happens.    Read more

It’s time to pick the winners of baseball’s merit badges

Forever and a day, which seems to have been as long as baseball has handed out its annual merit badges, the voting has been done at the end of the regular season with all votes being cast before the post-season begins. The suspicion holds that otherwise the stars of the World Series would end up as the MVP and Cy Young honorees nine years out of ten.  Read more

Baseball parevails. Herewith an appraisal of playoff teams

And so we reach Labor Day, comrades, whereupon the rallying cry of the stretch run on to the post- season is sounded. You may dimly recall when this season was being heralded as wildly promising and shaping up, as late as the All-Star break, as a scorcher to the very wire in at least four of the six divisions.

Instead we have a ho-hum September with all six pennant races almost certainly decided and even the wild-card contrivances virtually resolved. This season was over in August. It’s such a fascinating game, this baseball, possessed of utterly no logic.  Read more

Little-noted federal court ruling on West Coast is a baseball bombshell - for starters

Maybe in the end, when everything about this blistering baseball season has been said and done, the most noteworthy utterance – be it with a bat, ball, or pen – will have come from a committee of legal graybeards in a California courtroom. The 11 characters in question form the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and they have just dropped a bombshell, even if the game’s ever-loving fans hardly noticed.

That’s too bad because it’s all actually more exciting than any old unassisted triple play.  Read more