Baseball and performance drugs: The ultimate fiasco will soon be upon us

And so now it is clear that baseball’s worst fears are slowly but quite certainly being realized with a steady and relentless drip. Nor is there much doubt that the dreaded worst- case scenario will soon follow, probably in the form of a deluge.  Read more

Dot Lions soccer team preps for state tourney

A soccer team from Dorchester is gearing up for an opportunity to compete against the state’s finest squads this weekend. The Lions — an under 16 travel team fielded by Dorchester Youth Soccer — qualified to represent Boston in the 2009 Massachusetts Tournament of Champions, which will be held in Lancaster, Massachusetts on June 26 -28.  Read more

Barn-burner finals prove NHL still has capacity for greatness

The rip-roaring theatre of it all rather resembles something borrowed from a grand finale of one of Gilbert & Sullivan’s lustier and more outlandish light operatic productions.

Two beefy characters impeccably attired in tight-fitting dinner jackets and wearing spotless white gloves sashay in perfect lockstep down a ramp to the spreading ice surface clutching between them a large, many-tiered, 35-pound thing made of the purest silver and scarred with the etchings of many names and dates.  Read more

Musings while picking through the driftwood of too-long seasons almost ended

Here’s some driftwood to pick through while waiting for the basketball and hockey seasons to end, hopefully before the fourth of July:

When the Celtics won their first championship in 1957 they beat the Hawks on the 13th of April, the Saturday after Easter. When Bobby Orr flew through the crease, finishing off the Blues to reclaim the Cup in 1970, it was the afternoon of Mother’s Day, the first Sunday in May.

Somehow it all made rather more sense that way.  Read more

New books about baseball raise the redundancy quotient

It’s been said lately that the strings are being pulled tightly in the publishing industry. Several factors are purportedly involved including the general decline of the printed word in our brave new internet driven world as well as the general malaise loosely termed global recession. Whatever, it’s said to be tough to get stuff published with titles already in the pipeline being dropped.  Read more

The race for AL East honors is baseball’s most heated

At the far turn of another baseball season – the giddy first quarter mark – at least 24 teams remain in contention. You can already say ‘Goodbye’ to Baltimore and probably Oakland in the American League, Washington, Colorado, Pittsburgh and maybe Houston in the National League. If you can arouse them, pass along the word. Even a heavily mandated and strictly enforced parity has its limits.  Read more

Lacrosse Bulldogs fall to Weston, up-end Townies

The Boston Bulldogs played two of their most exciting games of their inaugural season last weekend. On Friday, the citywide lacrosse team traveled northwest on Route 30 and faced off for the first time against the well-coached, veteran Wildcats of Weston High School.  Read more

Next year: For Celts, the promise remains; Bruins may not be so lucky

The choice is between anger, which is needless, and that imprecise if fetchingly civil deference to the promise of ‘next year’, which has become, at this point, rather a bore.

After all it will have been 38 years and counting when the next Bruins’ ever more elusive ‘next year’ dawns. In the meantime we’ve had 37 touching farewells to quaintly unfulfilled seasons. As art forms go, it has become a considerable challenge. What is there about this team that inspires so much pity?  Read more

Health and Basketball at Mildred Avenue

The Boston Neighborhood Basketball League is teaching more than just jump-shots and boxing out at the Mildred Ave. Community Center.

Comedy night, old school party to benefit Mattapan Pop Warner

Mattapan PatriotsMattapan PatriotsThe Mattapan Patriots Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading organization gears up for the 2009 season by having a fundraising event on Friday evening, May 22, 2009 at the Policeman Post located at 500 Morton St. ( American Legion Highway). Come out and get your laugh on with some really funny comedians: Lady Vain, Just Al and Steven Donovan will make you laugh.
After the show is the After Party. Playing the old school R & B and block party mixes will be DJ Joe Peters. After you laugh , it will be time to GET DOWN with the old school dances like the Wop, the Cabbage Patch, the Running Man, the Bus Stop, and the Prep. Tickets are $10. Food will be for sale at the party, cash bar.
Call Jonathon Gates at 617-590-8334 or e-mail to arrange to purchase your ticket.  Read more