Shoutout to the Dorchester High Bears

Spring training still a magical part of baseball season

Ask any veteran jock journalist to name his or her favorite assignment and the odds are top heavy that the answer will be 'Spring Training.'

We're not talking about the best stories here or the most important news events, let alone the most exciting journalistic experiences. But for mere precious enjoyment - just plain 'fun' - you can't beat baseball in March under the sub-tropical sun against the backdrop of swaying palms. It is simply joyful.  Read more

Eagles still working to appeal sanctions after Disney fight

It has become a waiting game for the Dorchester Eagles. The football and cheerleading program is waiting for the national Pop Warner board to come back with a decision that could decide the fate of the neighborhood's pigskin future.

The Eagles are also waiting for the Osecola County Sheriff's Department in Florida to process charges being pressed against a Cranston, R.I. coach who allegedly took part in a brawl with an Eagles player at Disneyworld last year.  Read more

Dorchester Youth Hockey's Mite A are winners

Dorchester Youth Hockey's Mite A team defeated Hyde Park last weekend to win the District 1 Championship. This year the Mite A team won the Mayor's Cup and the District Championships in losing only 1 game all season. Congratulations to the players Brendan T. Donovan, Aidan Burke, John. B. Driscoll, Anthony J. Juliano, Devin Kelley, Cameron S. Mannion, Donovan J. Mannion, Kevin Mannion, Jack McCarthy, Quinn M. McCarthy, John T. Murray, William Penella, and Jeremy M. Souza and their coaches Eric Donovan and Paul McCarthy. Photo courtesy DYH.

Dorchester Eagles through a season

Part 1 of an 8-part series on the 2006 team. The entire series.

Selig's profile in cowardice; Bruins limp towards post-season

A trio of short subjects for you to consider, quite random and unconnected.

I. Baseball and precedent

When in 1946 the baseball commissioner at the time, wily old Happy Chandler, first informed the major league owners of the Brooklyn Dodgers' plan to sign black ballplayers, the owners responded with an angry 14-2 vote against the idea. Whereupon Chandler informed them, 'Ain't no way, Boys', then set to work cajoling and brow-beating them until he finally hammered out their reluctant consent.  Read more

Locker room improvements delayed at Neponset ice rink

When Dorchester Youth Hockey President Matt Sweeney watches his 400 young skaters hit the ice at the Devine Memorial Rink, he breathes a temporary sigh of relief. Despite any hard hits on the boards, his top safety concerns right now are the health repercussions stemming from the aging floor matting in the locker rooms.

"It's old and dirty and we don't want our kids putting their feet down on it," Sweeney said.  Read more

A-Rod episode could bolster game once the otrage subsides

It's only February and pitchers and catchers have just reported but the Conventional Wisdom (CW) has already pronounced the baseball season ruined. It is, of course, entirely the fault of that craven, cheating, wretch Alex Rodriguez. Lynch mobs are forming in certain frenzied sectors of the media, the members collectively foaming at the mouth.

They should calm down. Take a deep breath. Go for a walk. Count to ten. The only certainty in this latest fiasco derives from that most precious and ancient of wisdom that holds, "This too will pass!"  Read more

A-Rod's mud smears the game - and his accusers

It used to be back in the days when the world made rather more sense that there was remorse when the baseball season ended with the lament about there being no more games until the swallows also returned presaging a wailing over the onslaught of winter.

Nowadays, in a cockeyed world, no one wants to take credit because it's backwards. Even if it brings with it the promise of spring, who would have this Hot Stove off-season end when every week features a new and richer soap opera coming to boil?  Read more

Dot's Eagles contemplate flying the Pop Warner nest ; Coach: Adult attacked player to set off Disney brawl

It has been a hectic week for the Dorchester Pop Warner Eagles organization. What was supposed to be a time of fun and - potentially - glory at the Pop Warner National Championship tournament in Florida turned into a nightmare after members of Dorchester's midget squad were involved in a brawl at a Disney World hotel with a rival team from Rhode Island. The fight resulted in a tough disciplinary crackdown by the national Pop Warner board, which has barred all levels of the Dorchester league from participating in post-season competition for the next three years.  Read more