All-Star Basketball Program

Our four All-Star Basketball teams competing in the N.E.N.E.A.P.C. Basketball league are nearing the end of regular season play and hoping for an invitation to their respective post-season tournament. Our Boys 12 & under team won their most recent home game by a score of 41-39 over the South Boston Boys and Girls Club. Leading the team were De’Andre Dew-Hollis (16), Erilson Teixeira (9), Luis Rodrigues (4), Keyshawn Barnes-Lacy (3), Joseph Norman (2), Eben Butler (2), Bryan DeLaCruz (2), Deijon Holmes (2), Darian Kavu (1) and Kevin Zarnoch.  Read more

John Madden: NFL sheriff with a past

Near everyone’s favorite allegorical masterpiece portraying the slimy dynamics of monumental hypocrisy comes from the WWII-era Hollywood cinematic gem “Casablanca.” You’ll quickly recall it’s that delightful scene when Captain Louey, the corrupt Vichy gendarme superbly played by Claude Rains, uses his astounding discovery that there is gambling going on as an excuse for closing down Rick Blaine’s (Humphrey Bogart’s) Roadhouse in order to appease the local Nazi nutcake. “I’m shocked, absolutely shocked, to find that gambling is going on in this establishment,” Louey righteously bellows.  Read more

NL MVP can play, and he’ll get his millions, but his reputation takes a hit in drug case

It was a fine note on which to formally launch another baseball season. Ryan Braun, erstwhile star of the Brewers and once highly regarded impeccable fellow, wriggles out of drug trouble with MLB’s PED Police, leaving everyone’s noses out of joint.  Read more

March Program Highlights: Busy Schedule Ahead

The month of March will close out the Winter program and we have a number of special dates planned in all core areas. In our Music Clubhouse we will host the opening round of auditions for the Clubhouse Idol program at the Denney Center (3/1) and Teen Center (3/2). Selected acts will move on to the semi-finals (3/9) and that will be followed by the Finale (3/30).  Read more

Weep not, Pats fans, you were in it at the end

Maybe it should be arranged that for the foreseeable future – until at least either Tom Coughlin or Bill Belichick pack it in or Eli Manning and Tom Brady wander off to their ultimate reward in Canton, Ohio – we might have annual renewals of this thing the Patriots and Giants have lately concocted for our deep winter amusement. I say these two need to go at it, hammer and tong, again and again at the end of every season until one of them has won four out of seven.  Read more

NFL’s shame: Old-school vets stiffed by players, league

When the admirable Houston Antwine quietly departed this mortal coil the other day some strong and sweet memories of the way the game used to be were stirred among those of us privileged to have been around when the American Football League was winning the struggle to gain a toehold in skeptical towns like Boston thanks entirely to guys like ‘Twine’. The tributes were touching.  Read more

New boxing club hopes to build talent, confidence

Corey Burns, Special to the Reporter
Jan. 5, 2012

Jason Kelly, Zachary Fenton, and Anthony Hines at the newly-opened Dorchester Boxing Club. Photo by Corey Burns

The newly-minted Dorchester Boxing Club is tucked away inside a concrete building on the short end of Parkman Street, just off the busy intersection of Neponset Avenue and Adams Street. The gym’s occupants put their work in behind a garage door of the old warehouse just behind a funeral home.

The gym, which opened its doors three weeks ago, is run by Savin Hill’s Dan Kelly, 55, and his son Jason, 20, who is a certified personal trainer with prior experience at the Boston Sports Club in Fenway and also a USA Boxing certified coach.  Read more

Hayes impresses in first games for Blackhawks

Reporter Staff
Jan. 5, 2012

Jimmy Hayes was called up to the big leagues last Friday – and notched his first career NHL goal on Monday. Photo courtesy

If you’ve started to notice more and more neighbors walking around Adams Corner sporting the distinctive red jerseys of the Chicago Blackhawks this week, there’s a very good reason for the otherwise treasonous offense: Dot’s own Jimmy Hayes made his regular season NHL debut last Friday night for the Blackhawks during a home game against the Detroit Red Wings.  Read more

Mattahunt Center re-opens with wide array of activities

Alex Owens, Special to the Reporter
Oct. 19, 2011

Mattahunt Center: Cheerleaders from Mattapan Pop Warner helped celebrate the center's re-opening last week. Photo by Alex OwensMattahunt Center: Cheerleaders from Mattapan Pop Warner helped celebrate the center's re-opening last week. Photo by Alex OwensThe grand re-opening of the Mattahunt Community Center was celebrated last Thursday, capping off an unprecedented transition from city-run facility to a center privately managed by Wheelock College that could serve as a model for future community centers across Boston.

Guests were invited to explore some of the programming to be offered at the center, which closed abruptly due to city budget cuts in spring 2010. The various athletic organizations affiliated with the Mattahunt-Wheelock Partnership held clinics for younger visitors while parents had the chance to talk with several groups about the upcoming services to be provided at the Mattahunt.  Read more

Good luck, Terry Francona, and watch your back

At the end of March on the eve of the 2011 baseball season, 36 of the game’s certified “experts” submitted their predictions about how the season would go and who would emerge triumphant. Banal as the exercise may be, it’s a custom as ingrained as the whistling of “Take Me out to the Ballgame” and as fundamental as peanuts and crackerjacks.  Read more