Hail To the Pirates!

The gleeful Pirates of the Cedar Grove Baseball League celebrated their Major League division championship by hoisting their flag at Ventura Park on June 24.The gleeful Pirates of the Cedar Grove Basebal  Read more

Two Eagles, two Blackhawks

Ann McGough, Special to the Reporter
Jul. 15, 2010

Jimmy Hayes: Stands out for BC's national champs (AP photo)Jimmy Hayes: Stands out for BC's national champs (AP photo)Kevin Hayes: Drafted by the Blackhawks (AP photo)Kevin Hayes: Drafted by the Blackhawks (AP photo)Dorchester has had quite its share of hockey success stories over the years. But few have been as remarkable as the tale of the Hayes brothers of Neponset.

Jimmy, 20, is a standout forward for the NCAA national champion Boston College Eagles. His younger brother, Kevin, 18, has excelled on the ice for Nobles and Greenough and will join his brother at the Heights next season.

The boys have never played on the same team, so the BC angle looked to be special – until the National Hockey League’s Chicago Blackhawks beat them to the punch.  Read more

Chris McCarron, Dot man, ace jockey, returns to Suffolk Downs winner’s circle for birthday party

Last Saturday, the Dorchester native and famous jockey Chris McCarron stood again in the winner’s circle at Suffolk Downs Race Track’s 75th anniversary celebration. 

During his long racing career, McCarron won 7,141 races and a record $264 million in race purses while riding six winners at the Triple Crown races of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont. He retired at age 47 in 2002 and now runs a school that trains jockeys. Several of those he trained, including women riders, were on hand to greet him at the celebration.  Read more

Summer camp mixes sports, academics at Mildred Ave.

Jonathan Rodriguez, Special to the Reporter
Jun. 18, 2010

Are you a parent looking for a last-minute solution for the summer break blues? EduSports Inc. may be the perfect solution for your boy or girl.
Based out of the Mildred Avenue School in Mattapan, the EduSports summer enrichment sports camp provides boys and girls, ages 5-16, with a balanced program of academics and sports. EduSports helps its participants grow academically, socially, and physically through its program, which is broken up into six individual sessions between July 6 and August 13.  Read more

Dot Chiefs skate to national title

National champs: Dorchester Chiefs celebrate their 2010 USA Hockey Tier II Under-18 championshipNational champs: Dorchester Chiefs celebrate their 2010 USA Hockey Tier II Under-18 championship. Top row: Coaches Scott Perry, Charlie Pero and Ross Pasquantonio. Players, left to right: Timmy Wilson, Brendan Fitzgerald, Nick Bligh, Joe Dipietro, Eric Lively, Matt Furey, Sal Tecci, Mike Sullivan, Jared Wiedemann, Pat Curtis, John Magliozzi, Barret O’Neil, Mike Lopez and Dave Cotter.

Bruins fans, sadly, have to wait another year. But, Dorchester can once again claim bragging rights as the nation’s hockey champs, thanks to a gritty crew of teens who have once again put Dot on the national sports map.  Read more

NHL’s ‘classic’ was neat and all, but let’s be real about its value

Everything about “the hockey classic” down at the lyric little bandbox the other day was elegant and sweet except the curious notion that it took a gimmick concocted by a bevy of grasping Manhattan advertising hucksters conspiring with infamous network television hustlers to revive an affection for the game of hockey in the alleged Hub of Hockey.  Read more

Of baseball's shameful surrender to television dictators

With another baseball season fading away with vast reluctance as Thanksgiving looms on the horizon, we have some bits and pieces and slices of this and that to share, footnotes on a long, long season lately threatening to become  eternal.

So what to do about stretching the summer game’s season to the edge of winter? The answer is, probably, nothing. As is the case with all problems in our times, be they social, political, cultural, or spiritual, it will get worse before it gets better.  It’s all about the money, you see, and nothing muddles an issue more surely.  Read more

Hot stove will burn high at Fenway this winter

Long widely and casually assumed, the concept of the Yankees’ hegemony and its sheer inevitability has been ravaged since the memorable autumn of ’04. So when the Bronx bullies ran roughshod over the Fenway pets the last couple of months it was easy for “the Nation” – its collective mind gripped by group-think, like that of any other cult – to laugh it off. Wrong!  Read more

Obama vs. the IOC’s Hapsburgs: Our guy had no chance

Rarely – maybe never – have the old world geo-politics crafted so brilliantly at the Congress of Vienna played a bigger role in a sporting issue than in the 2016 Olympic Games fiasco which, in the end, played the president of the United States, no less, for a sucker.  Read more

Don’t delude yourself; check the facts: These Yankees are the real McCoy

Much as beauty is in the eye of the beholder so apparently is the value of finishing baseball’s interminably arduous regular season with the most wins, thereby ending atop your division in what was -- once upon a time -- loftily proclaimed the bloody pennant race. Nowadays it’s lightly regarded as an amusing trifle and perhaps a bit of a bore.

For it is all about October. Only October counts. All the rest, stretching over six months of relentless give and take, is so much “pre-season.”  Read more