2013 elections

Hopefuls press on as voters weigh options

Ten of the twelve mayoral candidates are shown during a forum at the Reggie Lewis Center on Sept. 6. The candidates were answer a question about whether they knew someone who has a problem finding employment. Pictured from left are: Felix Arroyo, John Barros, Charles Clemons, Dan Conley, John Connolly, Charlotte Golar Richie, Mike Ross, Bill Walczak, Marty Walsh and Charles Yancey. Not pictured: Rob Consalvo and David Wyatt. Photo by Chris Lovett

On a hill in Jamaica Plain, behind a row of homes on Peter Parley Road that share a backyard, the mayoral hopefuls weaved their way through the crowd of voters at the Ward 11 Democratic Committee’s picnic.  Read more

(UPDATED) Reporter’s Notebook: Endorsements aplenty in mayor’s scrum, but some elect to stay on sidelines

State Rep. Byron Rushing, who represents the South End, Roxbury and parts of Back Bay, was elected to the House in 1982, well before the city started to brace itself for an open mayoral race. The assistant majority leader and a top Democrat smiles when he’s asked about which candidate will get his vote inside the voting booth, as 12 contenders make a bid for two slots in the Sept. 24 mayoral preliminary.

“Oh, that’s a secret,” Rushing said. “If I endorse somebody, you will know about it.”  Read more

(UPDATED) #BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 19, 2013

5 days to the Sept. 24 preliminary. City Councillor At-Large Felix Arroyo gets the early bird award, with a schedule entry that puts him at the Freeport Bus Yard at 5:30 a.m. District 5 Councillor Rob Consalvo starts the day at his home in Hyde Park and has 15 events stops planned. The amped up schedule, which Consalvo plans to repeat every day until the election, is part of the campaign’s “All in for Boston” tour. State Rep. Marty Walsh greets city workers heading into City Hall (no word on whether he’ll be joined by a bulldozer).  Read more

#BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 18, 2013

6 days to the Sept. 24 preliminary. Results from the Suffolk University/Herald poll are expected this morning at 9. Another poll, from MassINC, is expected to come out on Thursday morning. City Councillor At-Large Felix Arroyo and District 5 Councillor Rob Consalvo meet on Wednesday with the Boston Teachers Union, which gave a preliminary endorsement to the two candidates earlier this week.  Read more

Walsh’s City Hall plan comes under fire from Ross and Mayor Menino

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Sep. 17, 2013

Ross campaigns outside Leon Electric Building: The mayoral candidate pushed for city re-development to focus on neighborhood targets like this prominent Uphams Corner warehouse next to the Fairmount Line. Photo by Gintautas Dumcius Ross campaigns outside Leon Electric Building: The mayoral candidate pushed for city re-development to focus on neighborhood targets like this prominent Uphams Corner warehouse next to the Fairmount Line. Photo by Gintautas Dumcius

A day after state Rep. Marty Walsh, a mayoral candidate, proposed moving City Hall as part of a plan to revitalize Government Center, a rival called the idea “stale” and said the next mayor should be focused on areas like Uphams Corner and its Leon Electric Building, a neighborhood eyesore.

Walsh on Sunday unveiled a proposal to sell off City Hall Plaza, putting it back on tax rolls to the tune of $10 to $12 million a year, creating construction jobs, and netting an estimated $125 million to $150 million in onetime revenue. The city would then ask a private developer to construct a new City Hall, which the city would lease until it would eventually revert back to the city at the cost of $1. Walsh said the revenue would be used to fund universal early childhood education, parks, public art and add to the city’s rainy day fund.  Read more

(UPDATED) #BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 17, 2013

7 days to the Sept. 24 preliminary.  Read more

#BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 16, 2013

8 days to the Sept. 24 preliminary. Most of the candidates are expected at a forum put together by the Back Bay Association this morning, the first of several forums this week. A transportation and environment forum at Boston Public Library in Copley Square is set for Tuesday night, and the Boston Foundation and WBUR team up for a forum hosted by UMass Boston on Thursday night.  Read more

(UPDATED) #BosMayor Round-Up: Sept. 15, 2013

9 days to the Sept. 24 preliminary.

GLOBE POLL: City Councillor At-Large John Connolly holds a slight edge in the Globe poll posted on Saturday night. The poll says just 25 percent of voters have made a decision in the first open mayoral race in 30 years. Dive into the details here (PDF). More polls are expected in the coming days, including from Suffolk University’s polling unit.  Read more

(CORRECTED) #BosMayor Round-Up, Early Edition: Sept. 14, 2013

10 days to the Sept. 24 preliminary.

SUFFOLK POLL IN THE FIELD: David Paleologos, who runs Suffolk University’s polling outfit, confirmed last night that his team has a Boston citywide poll in the field.

MAYORAL CANDIDATES' STANCE ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA: The State House News Service surveyed mayoral hopefuls on their thoughts on medical marijuana.  Read more

State House News Q&A: Mayoral candidates on medical marijuana

Mike Deehan, State House News Service
Sep. 13, 2013

In response to a News Service questionnaire, nine of the 12 candidates hoping to become the next mayor of Boston explained their stances on regulating and supervising medical marijuana facilities in the city.

QUESTION: How would your administration deal with medical marijuana dispensaries in Boston?

JOHN CONNOLLY: Voters have decided that such dispensaries are legal and it is now up to the city to come up with thoughtful zoning requirements to ensure that dispensaries are not concentrated in our most underserved neighborhoods or near schools.  Read more