Dot's Mr. Baseball: ADSL to honor ‘Gentleman Jim’ Collyer

Jim Collyer, above, has become Dorchester’s custodian of all things baseball, a coach and mentor for ADSL in Fields Corner. Photo by Ed Forry

It was still in the early innings of a Saturday morning baseball game at Town Field when Jim Collyer – Dorchester’s answer to Johnny Pesky – went over to the first base line and opened up his fold-up chair. Soon after, one of the players, a five-year-old T-baller, came over to Collyer and said, “You got old. How come you got old?”

The question drew a laugh from the 84-year-old Collyer, who has been playing or prowling the coach’s circle in this Fields Corner yard for more than six decades. He has seen and heard a lot.
“It made me feel good,” he said, “because I’m thinking, ‘Hey, I was old last year too!’ But I guess I didn’t look old then. Kids have such wisdom at that age.”  Read more