Althea Garrison

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: An endorsement, and another Fifth Suffolk write-in campaign

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Oct. 7, 2010

Earlier this year, Althea Garrison did not have too many nice things to say about her Democratic primary opponents when she was running for Fifth Suffolk state representative. A frequent candidate for office, she labeled them “opportunists” and said they were “ego-tripping” as they jockeyed with her to succeed former state Rep. Marie St. Fleur.

Fast forward to now, with Carlos Henriquez having emerged as the winner of the primary and Barry Lawton mounting a write-in campaign for the Nov. 2 election after earlier falling short by 41 votes: Garrison says she’s endorsing Lawton.  Read more

Reporter’s Notebook: The politics of closing a neighborhood library

It usually goes like this: An angry mob, largely clueless and fearful of government taking away their guns and religion, faces off against an elected or appointed official who attempts to explain how government actually works.

But there was somewhat of a role reversal this week, as an angry mob that included a number of elected officials at the state and local level, clinging to four branch libraries slated for closure, attempted to explain how government works to the Boston Public Library board of trustees.  Read more

Getting things started in Fifth Suffolk

Who are the candidates to watch for in the race for the Fifth Suffolk seat in the state House of Representatives? Which one is attempting to repurchase his home after foreclosure? And which candidate completely threw him under the bus on that through a response to questions she would take from a reporter only via fax?  Read more