Changing of the guard at B-3: After eight years, Boyle makes way for Hosein

Capt. Haseeb Hosein received his badge from Superintendent in Chief William Gross. Photo courtesy Boston Police Dept.

After eight years on the watch at District B-3, Capt. Joe Boyle was ready for a change of pace. The Dorchester-Mattapan precinct is now under the command of a newly minted captain, Haseeb Hosein, the third person of color appointed to a district command by BPD Commissioner William Evans.

Hosein, a 24-year veteran of the department and a Dorchester resident, was promoted to the rank of captain last week. “He’s a hard worker and a great community guy,” said Evans in an interview with the Reporter. “When I was moving to make him captain, diversity came into my mind. I don't know of anyone better to take over from Joe Boyle than Capt. Hosein.”  Read more

Since January, two dozen guns seized or found on district three

Every now and then you will hear someone ask the question, where do all these firearms come from? Finding guns on the district is like going Easter egg hunting. They can turn up anywhere – on a pile of rock, in a snow bank, in a garage, in a back yard, in a car and sometimes on a perpetrator. Since Jan. 1, 2009, 24 guns have been seized on the district.

January 15, 1:08 a.m.  Read more

Police seek to crack down on after-hour parties

Police commanders in Areas B-3 and C-11 are stepping up efforts to curb after-hours house parties, which have historically been a breeding ground for gun violence. Most recently, three people were murdered on Mt. Ida Road on March 28 outside a party that was still going on at 4 a.m.  Read more

Police districts B-3 and B-6 could grow, C-11 shrink

Pressures from various neighborhoods have kept a change in Boston's police districts slow cooking for years, but the final touches are being added to a new re-districting recipe that may be ready by November, as long as no neighborhoods get steamed.

District captains have been reaching out to their constituents, feeling out how each views the natural boundaries and allegiances in their neighborhoods.  Read more