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Adrian Walker asks the question

In his Globe column today:

When I talked with Miller a couple of weeks ago, as he was shutting the paper down, he declared that either of the mayor’s primary challengers would be preferable to Menino.

Will the Menino-financed Banner say that in its pages? Will it endorse Sam Yoon or Michael Flaherty for mayor on the city’s dime?

The irony of the proposed $200,000 loan to the Banner

An irony within the already apparent irony, even.

The Globe reports that Mayor Thomas Menino is willing to offer a $200,000 loan to the financially-troubled Bay State Banner, a weekly that focuses on the African American community and has displayed a hostility towards the mayor in recent months.  Read more

Patrick: Bay State Banner closure "devastating"

Gov. Deval Patrick said Tuesday he was “devastated” by news of the closure of a local African-American newspaper.  Read more