Caritas Carney Hospital

Carney Hospital lays off 50 workers

"It needed to be done," is what some are saying after nearly 5 percent of Caritas Carney Hospital's workforce lost their jobs last Thursday. For the people who work there, the logic was little comfort.

"It was probably the worst day in my 18 years being here in terms of the pall it cast in the hospital," said former chief of staff Dr. David Lustbader, who also sits on the board of trustees for Carney. "But I've worked a long time with Dr. [Daniel] O'Leary and there wasn't any option going forward."  Read more

Nurses rallying neighbors to advocate for Carney

A group of nurses made the case for the Caritas Carney Hospital at the Lower Mills Civic Association last Tuesday night (Feb. 19), part of an ongoing effort by the Massachusetts Nurses Association to rally support for the hospital. Currently under review by consultants hired by parent Caritas Christi Healthcare and the Attorney General's Office, the nurses were concerned about the possibility Carney would close.  Read more

Dot health leaders press case for Carney's survival

Local health center leaders are taking preemptive moves to stoke up public awareness of the Caritas Carney Hospital's importance after what many of them call concerning visits by one of Caritas Christi Health Care's hired consultants.  Read more

Rallying to keep Carney strong

In the current national contest for president, a major political issue is the maintenance of good quality, affordable health care. Whether Republican or Democratic, all the candidates have made it clear they each view the issue as a top priority, and if we would only support (here, fill in the candidate,) something will be done about it, right away.  Read more

Carney Hospital seeks outside help from consultant

A high-end hospital turnaround expert has been brought in to diagnose the Caritas Carney Hospital on Dorchester Avenue. Dawn Gideon of Wellspring Partners, a hospital consulting firm recently acquired by Huron Consulting Group, is the chosen one, known for her role in trying to prop up the ailing and eventually failing Waltham Hospital earlier this decade, and more recently for making tough decisions for the St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers in New York, which spun off three of its five hospitals on her recommendations.  Read more

Feeney 'unconvinced' on moving Carney away from acute care, critical of shift to 'beahvioral health' facility

Boston City Council President Maureen E. Feeney issued the following statement today on the Attorney General's report on Caritas Christi Health Care System and Caritas Carney Hospital.

"This report clearly echoes what we know about the Caritas Christi Health Care System: that it faces significant fiscal and operational challenges and in order to remain viable it must reform its governance to operate independent from the Archdiocese of Boston.  Read more

AG Coakley to review finances of Caritas group

Now that three different Catholic hospital chains have declined to take over Caritas Christi Health Care from the Archdiocese of Boston, Attorney General Martha Coakley has deemed it a good time to perform a review of the chain's ability to "stand alone."

"It is our hope and expectation that this review will help develop a road map with which our office, the Archdiocese, Caritas management, the health care community and the communities that Caritas serves may ensure that the health care mission is preserved and strengthened," said Coakley in a statement.  Read more

Carney's woes overstated in report, MDs say

Patients feared the worst after a front page headline in the Boston Globe last Wednesday announced that the Caritas Carney Hospital might be "sold or shuttered." The hospital phone lines lit up with hundreds of worried calls. The influx forced the hospital to distribute a "Talking Points" handout to staff, instructing them to tell everyone: "There are NO plans to close Carney Hospital."

But, perhaps surprisingly, staff morale seems to be a notch higher this week.  Read more

Talk of Carney sale said to have caught president by surprise

State House News Service
Oct. 24, 2007

News that the Caritas Carney Hospital in Dorchester could sell or close has sparked concern among legislators and health care industry leaders, who called the facility both a health care and employment provider. People who spoke with hospital president, Dan O'Leary, at this morning's Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast said he was blindsided by Boston Globe revelations that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston was considering moves to sell or shut down the fiscally struggling hospital.  Read more

Caritas Christi could go it alone, says Carney head

For the second time this year, a potential buyer of the Caritas Christi Health Care chain that owns Carney Hospital has decided not to pursue the deal. Denver-based Catholic Health Initiatives halted its merger talks with Caritas officials last month.

Caritas is still open to such a merger, said Caritas Carney Hospital president Daniel O'Leary, but it is still profitable and should not be counted out on a go-it-alone strategy.  Read more