Columbia-Savin Hill

Volunteers, sponsors sought for beach festival on Aug. 8

To the Editor:
The Friends of Savin Hill Shores and the Columbia Savin Hill Civic Association invite you to The Dorchester Beach Festival on August 8th at Savin Hill and Malibu Beaches from 11a.m. to 4p.m. The one-day outdoor event features games, interactive presentations and activities celebrating the ever-improving Dorchester waterfront.  Read more

Master plan for Columbia Point published in draft form

City Councillor Maureen Feeney is raising questions on a draft plan released this week by city development officials to redevelop the Columbia Point peninsula. Feeney said the proposed density and proposed height of the buildings – four stories when furthest away from the JFK-UMass MBTA station and rising up to 20 stories when near the station – continue to be a concern.

“We still have work to do,” she said. “But we’re in a far better place than we were initially.”  Read more

‘Good citizen’ aids cops in mugging arrests

Three juveniles were arrested Monday evening after they allegedly beat a man near the JFK-UMass MBTA station. The Boston Police bicycle unit, returning from duty at the Boston Marathon, made the arrests- with a major assist from a helpful witness who tracked the suspects as they attempted to make their escape.  Read more