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CommonWealth magazine's "Full Disclosure"

The newest issue of CommonWealth magazine is up and it's got some good stuff. (Some of it's free and some of it you need to be a subscriber to see.) And on its website, the magazine has posted over 250 Statements of Financial Interest, which contain a public official’s outside income, real estate, and business holdings. (Downside: Jack Sullivan notes in his article that the laws governing SFIs haven't been updated in years.) "Like the conflict-of-interest disclosures, the statements of financial interest are largely hidden from public view," he writes. "The Ethics Commission isn’t allowed to post them on the Internet, as 29 other states do, and it charges a dollar for each form requested. Massachusetts is also one of only four states in the nation that requires anyone requesting a form to show identification and disclose where they work, information that is turned over to the official whose statement is being requested." CommonWealth also has a section on their always-excellent blog, CW Unbound.