Making the grounds: 3 intrepid reporters embark on tour of Dot coffee houses

Three writers, three hours ... fifteen cups of coffee.

On Friday, Oct. 14, the Reporter staff spent a rainy afternoon circumnavigating the neighborhood in search of a perfect cup of joe. We profiled the brew being served from one end of Dot Ave. to the other and tested the human tolerance for legal stimulants.  Read more

Quite a transformation of space: Ashmont Grill opening so close you can taste it

Jim O'Sullivan
Aug. 31, 2005

Occasionally, a prospective customer drops in and asks if the place is open for business, or the phone rings with the same question, or one of the local investors on the prowl for a free meal pops his head in to inquire.

The answer: Not yet, but close.  Read more

East Meets West, Spicy Tastiness Ensues

What could have been better accessories to the perfect Super Bowl Sunday than a fine Irish lager and a pu pu platter for two? Ask almost any guy in New England, and they'll agree hands down on the stellar combination. Ask Jimmy Young, co-owner of Chan O'Malley's in Field's Corner, and he'll tell you about the bit of confusion his Chinese-takeout restaurant stirred when its doors were opened last December 5.  Read more