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O'Toole camp hits Baker mailer

John O’Toole’s District 3 campaign is crying foul over a mailer put out by their rival camp.

The mailer, sent out by the Frank Baker campaign and headlined “A United Dorchester is a Stronger Dorchester,” shows two blue maps of the neighborhood. The maps are nearly identical, except one has a white crack in the middle, under Fields Corner and above Pope’s Hill, and the other map has stitching where the crack was.  Read more

O'Toole calls for meeting between community members and transportation officials

District 3 candidate John O’Toole is pushing for Boston transportation officials to meet with community activists to discuss the traffic congestion plaguing Dorchester Ave.  Read more

Reporter's Notebook: For Baker and O’Toole, time to renew the wooing

The morning after usually entails a hard look at the lengthy tab and the lingering question, “what’s next?” But for at least two District 3 candidates, there was a sense of jubilation on Sept. 28. Savin Hill’s Frank Baker and Cedar Grove’s John O’Toole were the top finishers in the seven-way preliminary race. The morning that followed their wins was filled with meetings and phone calls as they reached out to their former competitors and wooed new supporters.

Craig Galvin, who came in third, says he’s staying neutral in the final election. But Baker dropped by Galvin’s election night party at Dbar, the Dot Ave. restaurant, and political observers acknowledge that several key Galvin supporters have crossed over to Baker’s camp.  Read more

Endorsement Corner: Rep. Forry and firefighters back Baker, machinists back O'Toole

Savin Hill's Frank Baker has picked up support from another state representative and the local firefighters’ union while Cedar Grove civic activist John O’Toole is touting the backing of a statewide union for machinists.

State Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry, who is married to Reporter managing editor Bill Forry, said this week that she will support Baker in the Nov. 8 election to replace outgoing District 3 Councillor Maureen Feeney. Baker also has the support of state Reps. Marty Walsh (D-Dorchester) and Nick Collins (D-South Boston).  Read more

Reporter's Election Notebook: Baker camp erroneously touts Hart endorsement, apologizes

A campaign flier distributed to voters the weekend before the preliminary election by the Frank Baker campaign touting his endorsement by state Sen. Jack Hart was quickly repudiated by Hart, who says he has not endorsed anyone. Hart said Baker’s listing of his name as a supporter was “improper and unauthorized.”

The Baker campaign’s blunder came days before District 3 voters went to the polls, although it appeared to have little impact on voters, with Baker coming in first place out of seven in Tuesday’s preliminary balloting.  Read more

Baker, O'Toole lead the pack in District 3 balloting

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor and Pat Tarantino, Reporter Staff
Sep. 28, 2011

Frank BakerFrank BakerJohn O'TooleJohn O'TooleFormer city employee Frank Baker of Savin Hill and Cedar Grove civic activist John O’Toole will face off for the District 3 City Council seat in the November election after emerging first and second from a seven-person preliminary scrum on Tuesday.

Baker picked up 2,336 votes, while O’Toole snagged 1,915, according to unofficial numbers released by the Boston Election Department. O’Toole battled with Neponset realtor Craig Galvin for the second spot, edging him by just 150 votes. Just over 7,400 Dorchester voters (about 21.5 percent of 34,444 registered voters) cast ballots in the District 3 race.

Baker was catapulted to first place with lopsided vote totals in his home precincts in Columbia-Savin Hill’s ward 13, where he was the anticipated favorite. But Baker also won four precincts in ward 16 —in the St. Mark’s and Fields Corner areas— which were key battleground sections in the contest on Tuesday. Baker won 13 of the 28 precincts across the district and posted solid third place numbers in key polling stations like Florian Hall. (Editor's note/correction: There are actually 30 precincts in the district.)  Read more

Baker, O'Toole will advance to November final election

Reporter Staff
Sep. 27, 2011

Frank Baker: Topped the ticket in today's District 3 election.Frank Baker: Topped the ticket in today's District 3 election.

(9 p.m.)— Frank Baker rode a strong surge from his Savin Hill neighborhood into the top spot in today's District 3 city council election, outpacing his nearest competitor by several hundred votes. John O'Toole of Cedar Grove won a hotly contested fight for the second slot, besting third place finisher Craig Galvin by roughly 140 votes, according to campaign sources. Baker and O'Toole will face off in a Nov. 8 final election to fill a vacancy on the council that will be left by longtime Councillor Maureen Feeney.
Developing story...  Read more

Baker mailer touting Hart endorsement ‘improper and unauthorized'

A campaign flier distributed to voters this weekend by the Frank Baker campaign touting his endorsement by State Senator Jack Hart has been repudiated by Hart, who says he has not endorsed anyone in the District 3 preliminary election set for Tuesday. Hart said Baker's listing of his name as a supporter was "improper and unauthorized."  Read more

With 12 days left, a District 3 round-up

As of today, the District 3 election is 12 days away. Here's a round-up of what some of the candidates are up to as they jockey for voters' attention and approval:  Read more

Candidates sprinting to finish in District three

District 3 council hopefuls: The candidates before a June forum: Marydith Tuitt, John O'Toole, Craig Galvin, Doug Bennett, Marty Hogan, Frank Baker, and Stephanie Everett.District 3 council hopefuls: The candidates before a June forum: Marydith Tuitt, John O'Toole, Craig Galvin, Doug Bennett, Marty Hogan, Frank Baker, and Stephanie Everett.

The preliminary election is just 8 days away and there are signs aplenty that the District 3 campaigns are ramping up. Candidates are hitting the streets to knock on doors and meet voters and hunkering down for phone banking and identifying potential supporters.

Latest from The Lit Drop (Thursday, Sept. 15)— With 12 days left, a round-up from the D-3 trail

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Research the candidates' positions on key issues  Read more