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REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: DotOUT endorses Craig Galvin in District 3

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Sep. 1, 2011

Craig Galvin endorsed by DotOUT: The candidate speaks during Monday's meeting at The Ledge in Lower Mills. Photo by Mike DeehanCraig Galvin endorsed by DotOUT: The candidate speaks during Monday's meeting at The Ledge in Lower Mills. Photo by Mike DeehanDistrict 3 City Council candidate Craig Galvin has netted the high-profile endorsement of DotOUT, an influential Dorchester-based civic group representing gays and lesbians. At a meeting on Monday night at the Ledge restaurant in Lower Mills, the group also endorsed incumbent City Councillor Tito Jackson, who represents District 7, and Suzanne Lee, a former principal running against incumbent Councillor Bill Linehan in District 2.

The session featured three rounds of voting in Districts 3 and 7. An endorsement required support from two-thirds of members present, and by the last round, a number of them had left, leaving 31 remaining to vote. DotOUT declined to release breakdowns of the votes, citing bylaws that call for a secret ballot.
“I am honored to receive the endorsement of my friends from DotOUT,” Galvin said. “I share their commitment to work hard, to continue to make Dorchester a great place to live and raise a family.”  Read more

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: A legal affairs check on District 3 Council race

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Aug. 25, 2011

John O’Toole, a local realtor and a top candidate in the District 3 City Council race, is enmeshed in a civil lawsuit with a former partner of his, according to court records. But he isn’t the only candidate who has been involved in legal actions in recent months and years: Two other top contenders, fellow realtor Craig Galvin and former city employee Frank Baker, have had a suit and an injunction, respectively, filed against them, according to a Reporter review of court records available to the public at Suffolk Superior Court.  Read more

District 3 candidates get down to details in First Parish forum

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Aug. 19, 2011

Pre-forum standout at First Parish ChurchPre-forum standout at First Parish ChurchMeet the candidates, again.

With 40 days left until the Sept. 27 preliminary, the seven candidates hoping to fill the District 3 seat on the City Council were back before a crowd of voters on Thursday night, laying out their positions on a city employee residency requirement, crime and public schools.

At a forum in the First Parish Church on Meetinghouse Hill, the seven candidates running to replace City Councillor Maureen Feeney agreed that city employees should be required to live in Boston, but they differed on whether unions should be able to negotiate changes to the policy. Mayor Thomas Menino has eased the requirement for police officers, teachers are exempt statewide and many city employees are allowed to live outside the city after 10 years.  Read more

Reporter's Notebook: Good month for Galvin on money front

With less than two months until the preliminary city election, Craig Galvin continued to lead the District 3 pack in fund-raising for July, raking in $16,435 for his campaign to replace retiring City Councillor Maureen Feeney. Seven candidates will appear on the Sept. 27 ballot and the top two vote-getters that day will face off in a final election set for Nov. 8.  Read more

District 3 candidates answer questions on local, citywide issues

Reporter Staff
Jul. 28, 2011

On July 1, the Dorchester Reporter sent a questionnaire to all seven candidates who will appear on the Sept. 27 ballot for District 3 Boston City Council. The survey asked the candidates for a range of biographical information and to explain their specific positions on Dorchester and citywide issues identified by Reporter editors.

This week, the Reporter presents the full responses to the questionnaires in PDF format as they were received from the candidates.* They appear below in alphabetical order:  Read more

Reporter's Notebook: Tracking Bennett’s position on Cape wind farm brouhaha

Ask the average Bay State voter – or, at the very least, one who paid attention to last year’s gubernatorial contest – about a controversial wind farm located out in the ocean, and their thoughts are likely to turn to Cape Wind.  Read more

District 3 candidates talk taxes, budget, dorms

District 3 council hopefuls: From left: Marydith Tuitt, John O'Toole, Craig Galvin, Doug Bennett, Marty Hogan, Frank Baker and Stephanie Everett. The group assembled before a June forum in St. Mark's church.District 3 council hopefuls: From left: Marydith Tuitt, John O'Toole, Craig Galvin, Doug Bennett, Marty Hogan, Frank Baker and Stephanie Everett. The group assembled before a June forum in St. Mark's church.

Six of the seven contenders campaigning to replace outgoing District 3 City Councillor Maureen Feeney have offered a varying mix of responses to a Dorchester Reporter questionnaire that covered taxes, Mayor Thomas Menino’s fiscal 2012 budget, and the always controversial topic of dorms at UMass Boston.

By Tuesday evening, the six candidates had responded to the questionnaire, which was sent out July 1; despite multiple phone calls by the Reporter seeking a response, information technology consultant Marty Hogan did not reply.

While the candidates who answered come from different backgrounds, their views offered little divergence on major issues. With one exception, all consider themselves Democrats to varying degree. All said they supported unions, hardly a surprise considering that Dorchester is home to a number of politically powerful unions. And all support gay marriage, an issue that remains controversial elsewhere in the country after it was legalized by the Bay State’s highest court in 2003.

The completed questionnaires are available in full at the Reporter’s website.  Read more

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Feeney finally says it: O’Toole is her candidate

An end came to Dorchester’s worst-kept political secret on Tuesday morning when City Councillor Maureen Feeney formally announced her pick for the District 3 seat she has held since 1993. Feeney, who declined to run for another term, has been seen often with longtime civic activist John O’Toole at community meetings and marched with him at a recent gay pride parade. On Tuesday, she made her support for O’Toole explicit in a press release.  Read more

Feeney formally backs O'Toole to fill her District 3 seat

The question of when City Councillor Maureen Feeney will endorse District 3 candidate John O'Toole was answered today. In a release sent out Tuesday morning, Feeney, who has held the seat since 1993, called the longtime civic activist the "right choice" to replace her.

Full statements from Feeney and O'Toole are below.  Read more