Menino statement on email controversy

Mayor Thomas Menino's office released a statement hours after Secretary of State William Galvin referred the case of top aide Michael Kineavy continuously deleting emails to Attorney General Martha Coakley.  Read more

Flaherty to hold 3 p.m. presser outside City Hall on new email deletion developments

City Councillor Michael Flaherty has scheduled a 3 p.m. news conference outside City Hall over Secretary of State William Galvin's announcement that he's forwarding his findings to Attorney General Martha Coakley.  Read more

First there was 'Kineavex'

And now there's another Photoshopped pic, with a Mad Men angle, making the email rounds.  Read more

Liz Sullivan is such a card

The Globe puts up a PDF of some of the (at-one-point-deleted-and-then-deleted-again) emails they obtained, including suggested jokes for the St. Patrick's Day breakfast from an assistant in the mayor's office. Somebody contact Hill, Holiday and sign her up.