Globe columnist writes up firefighter fight

Weeks after excoriating him on the SailBoston issue, Globe columnist Scot Lehigh has some props for Mayor Thomas Menino, who is warring with the local firefighters' union:  Read more

Firefighters deserve better from Menino administration

When bargaining began between the city of Boston and its firefighters over a year and a half ago, the union made it very clear that the Boston Fire Department is in desperate need of change, and that the union was committed to working with the administration on changes that would improve the delivery of emergency services in our city.  Read more

Nothing wrong with listening to firefighters' case

The Boston City Council came under some boisterous criticism last week when Council President Maureen Feeney arranged for Boston firefighters to meet with members in an open session in the City Council chambers.

Currently, the firefighters union is engaged in bitter negotiations with the city administration over a new contract. Last week's public meeting, coming just as the negotiators were about to enter arbitration, was seen in some quarters as a tacit endorsement by the council of the union's position.  Read more

Firefighters' union needs to come back to the table and negotiate

The city and the fire union are currently locked in a dispute over drug and alcohol testing and other reforms that are critical for the future of the Fire Department. I am astounded by the union leaders' unwillingness to eliminate substance abuse and unethical personnel practices. For some reason, they refuse to be part of the solution - and that's a shame. It's such a disservice to the honorable men and women in that department. The residents of Boston deserve a fire department that has a random drug and alcohol testing policy for its members.  Read more