Hendry Street

Just asking: Where was the bailout for the families on Hendry Street?

I'm trying to get my math-anxious mind around what is happening with the financial crisis on Wall Street. Breaking it down to the lowest common denominator.

I can still hear Sr. Joan Patricia yelling at me from my third row first seat at St. Greg's. It was only later in life that someone told me the "special" math students were in the front row. Well, it didn't help me much; there was nothing wrong with my hearing. But I was great at cleaning the erasers. Chalk it up to genetics, I guess.  Read more

City moves on Hendry rehab

The wheels of Boston's Foreclosure Intervention Team (FIT) churn on this week, as housing officials approved a developer for four city-owned three-deckers on blighted Hendry Street.

On Tuesday, the Boston Redevelopment Authority board put their seal of approval on Bilt-Rite, a Roxbury-based developer that the FIT recommended over three other bidders. The selection opens the door for the city's first redevelopment of properties acquired directly from the banks that foreclosed on them, at least during the current crisis.  Read more

Shootings raise concerns around Hendry Street

A quadruple shooting near the Ka-Carlos restaurant on Hancock Street alarmed Bowdoin-Geneva activists enough to demand a visit from police brass and Department of Neighborhood Development director Evelyn Friedman last week. The concern was the possibility that rampant foreclosures in the neighborhood - which includes the now infamous Hendry Street with its rows of boarded up three-deckers - may be driving crime.  Read more