Police seek suspects in trolley attack ‘hate crime’

Suspect #2 in trolley attack: Captured on surveillance video at Butler Street station on Monday. MBTA Police imageSuspect #2 in trolley attack: Captured on surveillance video at Butler Street station on Monday. MBTA Police imageMBTA police are investigating a Monday night attack of a man riding the Mattapan trolley as a possible anti-gay hate crime.

The incident took place at 10:30 p.m. on Monday night as the 48 year-old male victim was a passenger on a Mattapan-bound high-speed trolley in the vicinity of Butler Street station. According to MBTA Police, the two men “assaulted the victim while berating him with racial and homophobic slurs.” The two suspects— who have not yet been identified or caught— allegedly tried to pull the victim off the trolley to continue the assault.  Read more

Dorchester's Own "T" Party May Have Produced Desired Result

This article originally appeared in the Feb. 10, 2000 edition of the Dorchester Reporter.

It was not nearly as belligerent as the original Boston "T" party, but last week's transportation forum at the Murphy School proved that Dorchester's long-suffering Red Line users are primed for a little revolution of their own. And, if nothing else, the well attended three-hour meeting helped clear up one thing: If the sorely-needed rehab project gets shelved once again, it could be a long winter for the State Troopers on the third floor of the State House.  Read more

T records show 3 accidents – all vehicular – on Mattapan line

Neponset Greenway: The Mattapan trolley stop at Central Ave, left. A proposed Greenway path would follow a route closer to the river, at right.  Photo by Ed ForryNeponset Greenway: The Mattapan trolley stop at Central Ave, left. A proposed Greenway path would follow a route closer to the river, at right. Photo by Ed Forry

As officials with the MBTA and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) seek a safe design for a new mile-and-a-half extension of the Neponset Greenway through Mattapan and Milton, records show that few accidents have occurred in the area about which they have expressed concerns.

The DCR has overseen a lengthy community process for a long-awaited extension of the rivserside trail, which would connect an existing path from Pope John Paul II Park to a separate trail in Hyde Park. A gap currently exists, and the trail now stops at Central Ave. in Milton.  Read more

MBTA blocks crossing for Neponset Greenway trail

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Jun. 7, 2011

(Updated, June 8, 4:45 p.m.) — The expansion of the popular Neponset Greenway trail hit a potentially fatal roadblock this week as two state agencies stood at odds over the creation of a grade crossing at the Mattapan Square T station that is essential to the trail's construction under current plans.

The state Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is attempting to extend the Greenway trail by one mile to connect the riverside path from Pope John Paul II Park to another state trail along a parkway in Hyde Park. The trail currently ends at Central Avenue in Milton.  Read more

Buses to replace trolleys this weekend between Ashmont-Mattapan

Reporter Staff
Nov. 15, 2010

Ongoing construction work at Ashmont station will require a shut down of the Mattapan High-Speed trolley service this Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 20-21), according to the MBTA. Shuttle buses will replace trolleys beginning at the start of service on Saturday and continue until the end of service on Sunday.  Read more

MBTA seeks long-term fix to squeaky-wheel conundrum

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Jul. 21, 2010

MBTA officials said this week they’ll continue to seek a solution to the screeching wheels on the Mattapan Line trolley as the transportation agency’s chief promised residents a “station master” they can complain to about matters at the still-under-construction Ashmont Station. After a Tuesday night meeting at All Saints Church, elected officials and abutters to the station, after years of frustration over the squealing of the wheels as the 70-year-old trolleys round the turn atop a viaduct, said they were optimistic that a solution could be found.  Read more

Mid-2010 opening seen for Ashmont entry

Jill S. Gross, Special to the Reporter
Oct. 15, 2009

Red Line commuters who have waited through years of Ashmont Station construction for a back entrance to the subway to reopen will have to trek around the station for another year and a half – at least.

The Radford Lane entrance to the station, tucked on the one-way side street off Carruth Street, won’t open until the middle of 2011, according to MBTA officials. The news has left some in the neighborhood upset about continued longer walks and concerned about the ultimate fate of the entrance.  Read more

State applies for stimulus money for 28X as hearings continue

Alex Owens, Special to the Reporter
Aug. 13, 2009

The Executive Office of Transportation held another meeting last Thursday concerning the controversial 28X line, this time with a newly organized advisory group of concerned community leaders and activists from neighborhoods along the 28 bus route. The meeting, at the recently opened Grove Hall Branch library, was the first of a series of focused advisory group meetings planned for this month.  Read more

T fare-hike plan ripped; Patrick cancels hearings

A day after lawmakers and commuters blasted planned public transit fare increases as unfair and unaffordable, Gov. Deval Patrick suspended scheduled public hearings on the proposal – including ones in Grove Hall and at Roxbury Community College.  Read more

Aboard the Blue Hill Ave. bus, tales of woe

Alex Owens and Mike Deehan, Reporter Staff
Jul. 9, 2009

Clarissa Hatchel and her son Jaheim think the plan "just might work"Clarissa Hatchel and her son Jaheim think the plan "just might work"

“I pressed the ‘stop,’ don’t cha know, driver!” called a woman from the back of the bus.

Everyone along the MBTA’s Route 28 bus route seems to have a story about the almost hour-long ordeal that is a ride between the line’s terminal stations, Mattapan Square and Ruggles -- from overcrowding to unreliable schedules to missed stops to a strong sense of insecurity.

The Mass. Executive Office of Transit has set out to rectify the long-standing criticisms of the 28 line with its proposed 28X enhancement project, designed to streamline the crowded, often chaotic route. At four community meetings last month, community members voiced concerns about the construction, noise, safety, parking, and the effect of the undertaking on local businesses. The overall sentiment reflected a lack of trust between the community and the T.  Read more