New England Patriots player jumps into At-Large race – sort of

A political tidbit for a slow Friday:

On break from sacking quarterbacks, a New England Patriots player has written out a campaign donation to Tito Jackson, a Patrick administration official running for one of the four City Council At-Large seats. Le Kevin Smith, a Patriots defensive lineman, donated $500 earlier this month to Jackson’s campaign.  Read more

Pats perfect season trumps Sox repeat as year's top story

Everything, of course, is relative. But rarely has the verdict been so one-sided.

If you are from New England and are devoted to sport, 2007 was a year of wonders. 'Magical' is the gushing term that a couple of local pundits use to describe it.  Read more

Jags likely to be toughest challenge yet for Pats, Belichick

Some issues to ponder while waiting for the rambling wreck from suburban Foxborough to put the finishing touches on its burgeoning legend.

And if there's one hallowed mark beyond the reach of Merciful Bill Belichick and his jolly record-busting, kids, it's probably the immortal standard for handing out the biggest shellacking in the history of NFL post-season.  Read more