City rolls out new single-stream recycling

A new single-stream recycling system — heralded by the Menino administration as the latest innovation in the greening of Boston — goes into citywide service starting on July 1. The effort will allow residents to streamline their recycling at home by using one container to ready all recyclables— bottles, cans, papers and plastics — for weekly curbside pick-up.

"This is the simplest thing that every resident can do to reduce their own impact on the environment and reduce trash costs," said Jim Hunt III, the city's chief of environment and energy.

Single Stream Recycling CartsSingle Stream Recycling Carts

The hallmark of the beefed-up program is a 64-gallon blue cart which will slowly replace the ubiquitous and much smaller blue boxes now in use. The carts — which have been piloted in the South End and Chinatown already — will be delivered to every home in the city over the coming months. The carts will be phased into use in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury next week. Dorchester and Mattapan may have to wait a bit longer to get the carts as city planners try to deploy some 55,000 carts, along with instructions on how to use them.  Read more